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on February 5, 2011 - 8:20am

I've been kinda quiet online lately. Have been feeling more fatigued than usual, and thought it might be the January blahs. Haven't been able to concentrate, or get art projects finished (started, yes, but not completed).

I've had enough energy for work and that's about it.

Turns out, on top of various other medical mysteries, my iron and Vitamin D levels are in the basement, and my vitamin B12 is on the brink of tumbling down the stairs to join them.

This would explain why the other day, when Yetch had left some homemade hamburgers in the fridge, I unwrapped a patty, took a taste, and then shoved the whole thing in my mouth as if I hadn't eaten for days.

At first I thought perhaps it was the first stage of "turning". Next step would be the neighbourhood pets all go missing. And finally one morning Yetch would awaken to me gnawing on his forehead, and my saying "sshhhh...go back to sleep...*gnaw gnaw gnaw*".

I share this bit of information with you for two reasons: 1) it explains my absence from online participation, including emails that remain unanswered (I generally don't have much energy at the end of a good day, but with this added bonus I'm a complete zombie). And 2) if YOU have been feeling uncharacteristically exhausted, moody, cloudy headed, achy and did I mention exhausted, perhaps you should make some time for a good old fashioned blood test.

Here's hoping with the help of some supplements and a little shift in my diet, I'll be back to...well, what's normal for me...soon.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have 500 different pills to take.

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