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Zombies, Dancers and Sideshows

on October 9, 2008 - 2:49pm

Quick post today as I am still under the weather. I wanted to get the last of the Nuit Blanche pictures up before I proceed with blogging about Halloween-centred content once more.

We made a stop to see Meeky, the world's strangest little boy. The line up was an hour long to get into the back of cube van made up like a circus sideshow. Yetch, another friend and myself decided to pass on this and while the rest of the group waited in line. While we had some warm grub and alcohol to warm us up, our other friends faced the crowd to get a peek inside the Meeky exhibit. Apparently, it wasn't worth the wait.

We enjoyed ringside seats for an aerial dance performance (not something you usually see at 1 am in the city) and then headed over to Zombies in Condoland.

After signing waivers and lining up for a ridiculous amount of time, we entered the Zombie make-up tent to have our faces done (Yetch snapped the neat picture above). Since we didn't actually get through the line until 3 am, I'm not sure make-up was even necessary. Everyone looks like something from the grave at that time.

Once I emerged from the tent, I was ushered by a man with a bullhorn to the makeshift filming area. Quick directions were given to the zombies (zombies in the bushes, come out first. Zombies to the side, come out last. Everyone attack the guy on the park bench. Stay in the light). And then we were set loose.

Left to right: Aerial dancer on a street corner in the Church and Wellesley area; Meeky Side Show Exhibit; Zombie pileup on the willing victim.

I don't know who got battered more: the victim or me. At one point the gentleman who was being swarmed by the undead blindly reached into the crowd and firmly latched on to my arm, pulling me with him as he danced back and forth with the meat-eating mob. I went from thinking "must eat flesh" to "Zombies retreat! Zombies retreat!".

For the next shot, I made a mental note to hang back a little and attack from a distance. You know, menacing, hungry and fierce from afar. Much better.

The whole thing did feel like a (very) low-budget zombie flick shoot, which was the aim of the project. It was campy, good-spirited fun. I had a great time participating, and look forward to seeing any of the footage that was shot.

Ok. This zombie is off to eat some more soup.

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