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Zombie Prom

If you thought prom was scary the first time around, you're in for a long night when you find yourself slow dancing with the undead. Now I'm all about giving credit where credit is due, and I got almost all of these ideas from someone on a forum but forgot to write down their name. If I can track them down, I will post who it was.

  • Zombie Dj prop
  • 'Spiked' punchbowl (actually have fake spikes around it)
  • Lockers in your entrance way..perhaps with skeletons or corpses inside
  • School lost and found box..with body parts that have dropped off the zombies
  • Corpse or Zombie chaperons
  • Kitchen/dining room set up as a cafeteria complete with lunch line, lunch tables, bulletin boards
  • Gym floor tape and basketball net with crepe paper streamers and a disco ball
  • Photo op area to take the prom picture
  • The bathroom: take cardboard and make a stall around the toilet. Leave a marker for guests to write graffiti.
  • Balloons & streamers speckled with blood and bloody handprints
  • Dead boutonnières and corsages for guests
  • Crown a prom king and queen
  • Brain/body part themed food and drinks