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Winter is Over, Yes?

on March 22, 2013 - 12:07pm

Is it safe to come out of hibernation yet?

I know it's supposedly spring, but the freezing temps and ice-crusted snow outside tells my senses otherwise.

The need to reorganize my art inventory and tackle all those projects started - but never finished - during the dark months of winter, however, indicates to me that we are moving into a new season.

2013 has been a wild and crazy ride so far. Almost everyone I know is in the middle of huge life changes that are culminating at the end of this month/start of April. Some are moving to new cities, or provinces, and even (possibly) to foreign countries to begin new jobs. A whole whack of people are buying new houses. Four couples I know are getting divorced (or separated). And sadly, reports of serious illness - some just temporary, others lifelong afflictions - keep coming in.

The universe is shifting, and I thought I should charge out to meet it and see if I can influence events because this wave of momentum (for better or for worse) is going to crash into me despite any attempt to dodge it.

I've grabbed my metaphorical surfboard and snorkel.

See those WIPs in the picture? That sums up my attention span these days. Dozens of projects started, none completed. All this swirling electricity in the air makes for a jumpy Ghoul. To be fair, February was a complete write-off for me, spent battling a monster flu that has yet to completely leave my system (still have a touch of congestion in my chest when I wake up).

I have made some progress since that picture was taken, and will share some finished works with you by Monday (which happens to be my birthday). 

So for all of you who are also being carried off by the tumultuous currents of change, feel free to toss me a rope and we'll tether our lifeboats together. 




Ali's picture

Mercury in retrograde. That damn planet causes more carnage than a rat at a food expo. Glad to know your feeling better. It ain't looking much like Spring here either. I say we paddle those lifeboats to the Seychelles. Its 30C and sunny, all day, most every day. Can you imagine that!Life is always less gloomy in the sunshine.

Ghoul Friday's picture

I am almost convinced the Mayan's had it right and the end of the world was Dec 2012, only "end of the world" should be interpreted more like a death tarot card. 

Even the online world has gone bezerk: hotmail changing to Outlook. MSN Messenger into Skype, Google Reader is dead, Mozzilla Thunderbird is going the way of the Do Do...

Mercury is a crazy bitch.

Will meet you in the sunshine!




dave's picture

Woke up this morning to the news of a near record snowfall for this weekend...heaviest coming on sunday and tapering off to be done by tuesday. Hoping they get those roads clear...I'm feeling like taking a road trip.

Ghoul Friday's picture

Record snowfall? Well that's no good. We've been given a break, finally, with a week of sunshine and above freezing temps. Here's hoping the weather rights itself for you because roadtrips can lead to creative recharge. I highly endorse them ;)

Bonnie (aka RoxyBlue)'s picture

To hell with the retrograde planets and all those crazy curves on the road of life. When Ghoul Friday is back and posting, all is right with the universe:)

Ghoul Friday's picture

Thanks Bonnie! Made me smile :)

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