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Why Are My Feet Wet?

on August 9, 2011 - 9:03pm

It was the start to every haunter's nightmare.

Toronto finally got some serious rain today. So much rain, in fact, that many places around the city had serious flooding. Luckily, in my area, I didn't go outside to find my car submerged like some poor folks did.

Blissfully unaware of what awaited me in the basement, I headed downstairs to retrieve a box from the storage room which houses all of my Halloween props, decorations and even some supplies. I was distracted by my remarkable ability to actually walk down the stairs (albeit very carefully and clutching both rail and wall as I gingerly manoeuvred the injured ankle). I was smiling at the partial return of mobility. I was happy for the first time in a long day of ridiculous mishaps. I wasn't expecting the universe to play one more joke on me before bedtime.

I felt it before I saw it.

Barefoot on the cold tile. Two steps in.


I froze. Squish? There should be no squish. Then I turned on the light.

The two throw rugs in the middle of the floor were five shades darker than normal, and sopping wet. Water! My eyes flashed around the room, trying to identify how extensive the damage was; trying to spot how many things were actually on the floor.

And this, my friends, is where the moral of the tale comes in. A few years ago I invested in four heavy duty shelving units (almost like stack-able industrial workbenches) with the bottom shelf being a few inches off the ground.

I also have made it a point to invest in large plastic bins (buying a few whenever there was a sale and I had some extra cash).

With the exception of some scrap cardboard, the edge of a painting, and a couple bits and bobs, it would appear all of my decorations were spared.

All because they were a couple of inches off the ground, and in bins.

We spend so much money and time on our Halloween collections. It makes sense to invest in keeping them safe. So spend a little extra money now to save yourself heartache later.

A quick mopping up, and all was well once more.

I'm off to go check on the dehumidifier.

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