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Who's Knocking at My Door

on October 12, 2012 - 12:43pm

Gather round kiddies. Ol'Ghoul is going to tell you a tale that is like a teaching fairytale for adults: interesting characters, surprises, that moment where our protagonist gets into a bad situation because they didn't do what they should have...all the good stuff. The moral of my tale? Get dressed by 11 am even on your day off.

Once upon a time, there was a woman who'd had a whirlwind week (read: month). Her house was ramshackled. Her front lawn neglected. And she was expecting a visitor later in the day, a visitor who had never seen her home before and might be bringing a camera. The visitor - we'll call her Amy - was set to arrive around 5 pm.

The woman began cleaning her house early that morning. She had errands to run also, and thought about getting dressed. It was getting close to noon, after all. She decided to wait. She'd only be getting dirtier as the house got cleaner, and there was much left to do. And she wanted to make a good impression, of course.

It's important to make a good impression, isn't it?

Dusting, sweeping, sorting, washing, stopping only to brush her teeth (no time for the hair). 

Doorbell rings. 

The woman pauses her work, looks toward the sound, then looks down at her Popeye-themed pajama bottoms and oversized dress shirt she's wearing (she can't see the dirt, but she can feel it). 

It's only 11 am. No packages expected. No visitors until later. Just leave it.

Doorbell rings again.

She throws on her red hoodie as she moves to the front door.

A man in a black helmet (no not Vader) and sun glasses is at her door, holding a large envelope. 

A bike courier?

They share salutations and he asks if she is Ghoul Friday, which catches her off guard a little, but postal carriers do sometimes address her by that name.

She tells the man yes, and he hands her the large envelope, decorated with spooks and ghouls, her name in the branches, her address on the tombstone (blurred in the image so I could show it to you).

"Isn't that something!" she exclaims, remarking on the drawings. 

And that's when the man introduces himself. He's Drazen, a fellow artist who lives in the city; an artist Ghoul Friday has wanted to meet for years. An artist who said he was going to mail her a copy of his book. 

But instead decided to drop it by in person. Which is fantastic! Only...only...

"Hi! I finally get to meet you...and...I'm in my pajamas."

Of course, she's an odd woman, so after the momentary self consciousness of realizing she's wearing beige cotton pants covered in hearts and the image of a sailor and his skinny girlfriend embracing, and that she has no makeup on, and hasn't even brushed her hair, she pushes it aside to have a short but wonderfully pleasant conversation at the door. 

She remembers her manners and invites him in to help her clean, but he declines and goes about a much more pleasant day of bike rides and bookshops. 

The End.

So remember kiddies, you only get one chance to make a good impression. So do yourself a favor and get dressed before 11 am. You never know when you're going to meet someone important. 

Will post pictures of the book and all the Halloween/monster goodness it contains later. For now, I have to finish cleaning the house!

And no, I'm not getting dressed yet. Maybe some other artist I've wanted to meet for years will show up. 




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