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Where the Wild Things Are

on March 20, 2009 - 1:35pm

Where the Wild Things Are
When I first heard there was a movie being made of the children's book Where the Wild Things Are originally written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak, I had mixed feelings. It would be exciting to see these creatures larger than life on the big screen, but at what price?

With today's film makers relying more and more on CGI (especially on big budget films and this one has cost $80 Million U.S.), one of my main concerns was how the characters would look. When it comes to monsters and creatures, I'll take a guy in a costume over full CGI anytime, so I was relieved to find out that most of the beasts were being created with a mix of puppetry and computer enhancement.

Reports and reviews on the Internet have been vague and contradictory at best. Some say the movie was too frightening for little ones to watch at a test screening, and that the entire film was to be re-shot from scratch (some reported the new version would use no puppets and all creatures would be generated using CGI). Many have speculated the film would never actually make it to theatres.

According to the time line posted by the National Post, the teaser for this movie was first aired in movie trailers back in 2000. Nine years is a long time for people to wait for a release.

It looks like we will all have our own chance to review the movie this fall.

In the meantime, you can watch the test footage. It shows how they use puppeteers in full costume with some CGI for facial features.

For any parent who never read this book, go out and buy it for your child. I promise their imagination will provide more magical entertainment than any film you could take them to, especially with a story as wonderful as this one.

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