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Who should it be? The devil and his bride? Zombies? Ghosts? Corpses? A nice wedding reception. Items could include:

  • Bouquets of dead flowers and petals spread around
  • Either make a nice spread at the main table of actual edibles, or create fake foods that have gone mouldy and maggoty
  • Bride and Groom of course. And a preacher would be nice. Perhaps a willing one, or someone bound and gagged
  • Your usual reception table fare: centrepieces, place-cards, napkins, those little bundles of mints (or mice..or eyeballs...). Just visit the wedding section of a party store!
  • The present table. Perhaps the packages are all wrapped in reds, blacks, oranges, purples and greens. Perhaps they are torn, blood-smeared, or even have something escaping from them
  • A ghoulish photographer. Demon? Zombie? Skeleton? You choose