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Warming Up 2012

on January 10, 2012 - 9:59am

My first car was a red Hyundai Pony hatchback (with the black silhouettes of a stallion reared up on its hind legs near the rear windows). In order to get it started, you had to use the choke (which always made me feel like I was driving a tractor). Patiently, I'd wait for the engine to warm up enough that I could back out of the driveway and put it into drive without stalling. Then I needed to make sure I could accelerate a good distance without slowing or else, once again, I risked stalling. But once you got it  going, it was a good little car. You just needed to work through those first five minutes, coaxing it into life, with a number of false starts before you're running smoothly.

Starting 2012 has been like revving up the old Pony: a number of stalls, not quite getting anywhere just yet, but being patient until the engine finally finds its steady thrum. There's a lot of "almost ready" in the air: the Christmas decor is down, but the house hasn't had a full post-holiday cleaning; the festive foods are gone and real groceries bought, but I'm still trying to get back into regular meal-making and consuming; and I keep planning to go to the art supply store, but I don't really know what I want to get.

Besides being distracted by new books from Santa, I hadn't been able to sort out why I haven't been working on new projects in my spare time. Part of it, I suppose, is that I wanted to work on something different for my next project. And I have a project started that I was having fun with, but I was working on it while Ludo was sick. In fact, it kept me occupied while he slept on the couch beside me. I imagine my subconsciously relating that project to his last days has turned me off the whole thing. For now.

And that's ok.

I will let the creativity simmer slowly. In the meantime, I have other new year kinks to work out. Like getting back to exercising *sigh*. And making healthy meals. And cleaning my office. And just having a proper routine in place in general. 

So if you're wondering where I am, I'm just letting the engine warm up. 



Ali's picture

OMG, you had a Hyundai? I did too, ages ago when we lived in Vancouver. What a lemon that thing was. I traded it in for a Toyota. 'nuff said on that topic.

It IS only ten days into the new year, so I think your not a total loss. Yet. I still have some things to get done to have well and truly put 2011 behind me. I'll get to them. Eventually. Maybe .........

ShellHawk's picture

I started the new year with a virus and a deadline for a sculpture, which is not a good combination. I'm struggling with the urge to just go back to bed!
Oh, well. Let's see what warming up will do for us, eh?

Cooter's picture

I feel the same as you, sputtering but not hopeless as of yet. 2011 ended poorly and this year has started out on a sad note as well. :sigh: Perhaps it is some sort of cosmic rest stop where we just need to get *off* this crazy journey and just wonder a bit. Good luck with warming up your engine ...

The Undertaker's picture

Well you're warming up in January! I'd say that's pretty good! This Undertaker's ole engine sometimes takes until mid-August before it starts humming along productively! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (sputter, sputter, coughhhhhhh)

KingUnicorn's picture

I think this is only too common for creative types, especially after the year you've just had. Putting the emotional challenges life threw at you last year aside, you really rocked out your window of shows for 2011, and that has to take its toll in some way. You've had output. Serious OUTPUT! And not a lot of artist can say they dropped as many new pieces last year as you did (and within such a time frame).

You're definitely recharging - and that's good. Just keep stoking those creative fires and hit it hard when the time feels right.

Dave the Dead's picture

I have been feeling the same way...almost there but not quite. I actually sat at the bench over the weekend and forced myself to push some clay around...several duds and one promising new beastie to show for the effort.

Keep coaxing the engines of creativity...2012 looks to be fueling up for some good fun.

Bonnie (aka RoxyBlue)'s picture

Are you warmed up yet?:)

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