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Vegas vs. Halloween

on October 7, 2010 - 12:40pm

I'm back. Back from a vacation wedding in Vegas. A 7 day vacation wedding in Vegas.

Perhaps if we were there 2 days, my view of Vegas might be different.

Perhaps if we hadn't gone during my busiest and most favourite time of year, I would have nicer things to say about Vegas.

And just maybe there's a chance that if we were in the fanciest hotel on the strip (we stayed at The New York New York, one of the mid-range resorts), I might have a different report.

But the truth of the matter is, if the earth opened up and swallowed Vegas whole tomorrow, I'd shrug. And maybe snicker. I think I've seen too many places around the world to be impressed with Vegas. Yes, the strip is a spectacle to behold, but I had trouble enjoying it when every 15 feet there was a group of people promoting *cough* "strippers" *cough* delivered to your room in 20 minutes. Ignore them? Sure, but it's hard when they constantly reach in front of you, flicking their advertising card in your face (and when I say flick, I mean literally making a repeated snapping sound with their fingers against the stock paper).

There are jewels to be found, but overall I have to say if you're going to spend that kind of money on a trip, there are far more exciting, beautiful, extravagant locations to choose from. Expensive does not equal classy or fancy. I could have lived like a queen in any large city around the world on our budget. Paying $4 for a bottle of water or a bottle of pop (soda, for you Americans) does not make me feel special.

I mentioned on twitter that "Vegas is like a junkie with a tiara: glitter on top of filth, and even then the shine is only rhinestones".

With a handful of exceptions - like the grandeur of the Bellagio; the amazing performances of Cirque Du Soleil's KA; the unapologetic cheesiness of Circus Circus; and the delicious vodka drinks at Mandalay Bay's Red Square - I have to say that Vegas is an oversized, overpriced Chuck E. Cheeses for adults. An old, run down, and often broken version of Chuck E. Cheeses that isolates you from the outside world, and there is no escape from flashing lights, mechanical beeps, crowds and skanktastic tourists.

It was like being trapped in a lame club full of posers who wouldn't know cool if the Fonz was there to explain it to them.

My romance with Vegas officially ended when they failed to deliver on the promises of Halloween spirit. More on that later. But first, my next post will be about the autumn gardens at the Bellagio. Thank GOD for the Bellagio!


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