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Unwanted Neighbour

on October 25, 2010 - 10:17am

I've complained in the past about how my street is void of Halloween spirit, but this past week I've been unnerved by a disturbing sight.

Last year the people across the street from me hung a full skeleton on their front porch, much to my delight. But this year another white figure has appeared.

At first he was up against the railing, looking through the bars like a prisoner. Perhaps he's waiting to be picked up, I thought.

But this morning he's sitting comfortably in a chair. I tell myself he might have arthritis and just needs to sit since he's been waiting for his ride for so long. I fear I am deluding myself.

I have my morning coffee out on the porch each day, and with each cup I get more agitated by his stupid smile. What is he doing? Should I call the police? He's an unwanted intruder who needs to be removed.

Owl Mug

To calm myself, I've decided to drink out of my owl mug more often, focusing only on his eventual reveal as I finish my coffee.

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