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The Underbiters: Reaps

on July 27, 2010 - 8:38am

I don't know whether to laugh at or feel sorry for Reaps.

When I first spotted him, I was a bit concerned. Had a tiny Reaper appeared to usher away the souls of other Underbiters?

Although he has some small tears and frays in his cloak, it isn't fabric: it's actually his skin.

I was almost fooled into thinking he could float off the ground, as Wailer seems to be able to do, but he actually just leans forward on his pot belly and waggles his feet in the air to create the illusion of hovering.

Real grim reapers don't have pot bellies, do they?

Final confirmation came when I saw him interact with the other Underbiters. He waggles his feet, wiggling his pot belly back and forth on the ground as he approaches them with a mighty "Mwa-ha-ha-ha!". And nothing happens. Well, most of them laugh at or scorn him. But there's no instant death.

This does not stop him from his performance. He's done the same thing to small items his size - medicine bottles, candle sticks, little figurines - where he approaches, circles them, then swiftly knocks them over to complete what I refer to as the you-have-been-vanquished dance.

So if you are finding a number of small items knocked over around your house, it's probably because Reaps has um...taken their soul.

Favourite foods are black candles, angel food cake, and anything with a skull and crossbones on it.

Reaps is made of polymer clay and stands just shy of 3 inches tall.

He has now been added to the Underbiter Gallery with views of his back and side.

Available for purchase below. $20 CDN plus shipping & handling.

Update: Reaps has found a new home. Watch for a new post tomorrow. Only 2 Underbiters left for adoption.

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