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on February 19, 2009 - 4:46pm

Twitter Crow
Yetch is obsessed with Twitter. Today I finally gave in to his badgering and signed up. Now you can follow me on Twitter as well. Read the scattered thoughts that aren't coherent enough to be included in a blog! Be dazzled by the amount of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors I make in under 140 characters!

Ironically, moments after I signed up (the deciding factor being it might get the website some more exposure) I got a notice from my service provider that might go down tonight for a couple of hours. Perfect.

So how has it gone so far with Twitter? I am following 2 bloggers I often read, 2 friends I know in real life, a fellow haunter and Darth Vader. I added Archie Mcphee (who I've mentioned before) a couple of minutes ago. Lastly, I am following a Dark Sith and a Pirate, since they were kind enough to add me first and make it look like I might have interesting things to say.

To mindless procrastination online!

p.s. Had to adjust the happy white twitter bird before I used it on the site. I think he looks better as a crow on an autumn branch, don't you?

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