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Terrifying Tutorials

Tips, tricks and treats abound for those new to the scene of creating their own creatures. Read on as I pontificate (with no delusions of having mastered anything which I talk about) on everything from techniques for painting faux wooden boards, to strategies for storing props, to advice for new artists.

Topic Tutorial Description
Paper Mache

Paper Mache: The Ghoul Friday Way

General tips on paper mache with a focus on strip mache techniques using newspaper, glue and water; workspace organization ideas; examples of how to build an inexpensive base or form (armature); and instructions on how to make a simple cast out of an object.

Paper Mache

Pastes and Pulp

Introduction to choices you have when it comes to making your own homemade mache pulp and pastes.

Paper Mache

Paper Mache: Toilet Paper Tips

When you need a finer texture or just want to try something different, toilet paper produces interesting results.


An Array of Clay: Which One is Right for You

For those of you who aren't interested in making your own paper mache pulp from scratch, here's a review of a few ready-to-use products I've experimented with, as well as a few shortcut recipes for making your own clay.


Painting Faux Wooden Boards on Cardboard (and Styrofoam)

Ever need to make a crate or fake background that looks like wooden boards? Step right this way to see how it can be done (cheaply and simply).


Dave's Approach to Carving and Painting Faux Wood from Foam Board

Fellow haunter Dave was kind enough to share his tips for using foam board (for those big spenders).


Conquering Crackle

I'm no master of crackle, but in my quest to conquer the technique I've picked up a few nuggets that might help you on your next project.

Art As Work

The Perplexing Practice of Pricing

Most new artists don't know where to begin when it comes to pricing their work. Let me share with you how I create a starting point and the variables that will dictate your final price.

Art As Work

Selling Locally in Your Niche

I discuss the benefits of getting involved with local shows and the importance of choosing your venues wisely.

Home Haunt Tip

My Maniacal Money-Saving Manifesto Details of my shopping traditions and some tips for when you're buying items for Halloween.

Home Haunt Tip

Party Pack-up Storage Tips

Tips and tricks I use to store my props and decorations. These will help preserve your cherished items (and your sanity).

Home Haunt Tip

Let it Glow, Let it Glow, Let it Glow: Black Light Basics

A simple guide to using black lights and a list of items that will glow.