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Toronto FanExpo Update

on August 14, 2011 - 9:58am

August 25th is fast approaching.

Including today, I have 11 days left to get ready for Rue Morgue's Festival of Fear at FanExpo in Toronto.

They've officially announced the Horror schedule and the floor-plan for retailers, special guests, and people like me in Artist Alley.

I will be at table A248 which is in the back right corner of the convention. For whatever reason, they've separated the horror artists in the Alley from the rest of the horror section (we're not only a row back from them, but actually far to the right of where the horror retailers will be). Between us and our brethren will be huge corporate exhibits for video game companies.

The concern of course is that horror fans who aren't interested in visiting EB Games or Xbox will simply skip our little corner all together. They will see the video games section and assume there's no more horror goodness to be found.

No use worrying about it too much, I suppose. There's little to be done about it at this point.

Besides, I have a whole load of other things to worry about.

My to-do list is impressive. This morning has been spent spray-painting wooden shelves as part of the new display. I'm glad I decided to add height to the table (we're allowed to go up to 4 ft, which I have). These two little shelves with be on either side of a slightly larger one.

This afternoon I hope to hit the stores for more supplies and start checking off the rest of the outstanding projects.

Wish me luck. And if you're in Toronto, come visit me in the far right corner of the convention this year, ok?

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