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Too Early For Trick or Treat?

on March 27, 2012 - 12:18pm

The first completed sculpture of 2012 helps to set the mood for that far away holiday we wait for all year.

He stands at 11 inches. This year I'm going to make some of my Little Minions not so little. There will still be smaller figures but I thought it was time the Plague Doctors had some competition when it came to size.

It's been a lot of fun making various creatures in a larger scale, and I'm excited to experiment more.

I do wish I was a better seamstress. While I did sew his trick or treat bag, I'd like to get more inventive with their outfits. Sewing skill would help a lot, though I know I can find ways around my lack of talent with a thread and needle. I just need to be more creative. 

Hopefully you folks are finding some time this spring to bring a little Halloween into your hearts.





Ali's picture

It's never too early for Trick or Treat. Besides, the temps over here (England) have felt almost like Summer for about a week now. And what comes after Summer?

Your new creation is great! Like the man said, "let yourself go. Get some size into it!".

Kelly's picture

Happy Late Bday and love the Pumpkin Man!!! Wish I had a little spring in my Halloween, not this year. My son is having MAJOR surgery in June and we are going to have to live 2 states away for his rehab for 8 weeks. I won't get to do anything this year but hope to enjoy reading about what you and other bloggers, etc. make and do. I will live my Halloween vicariously through ya'll!

Ghoul Friday's picture

My gosh. I hope your boy bounces back quickly and is comfortable until then (and after, for that matter). That's a long time to wait. And then a long rehab. Good vibes being collected to send your way!

Pam Morris's picture

hope your birthday was smashing! this little pumpkin guy is adorable!

Marcie  Melton's picture

It's never too early for Trick or Treating! I'm already setting plans in motion for the big day- but somedays it doesn't feel like I have ENOUGH time! Love your not so little minions- youtube has wonderfully easy tutorials on learning how to sew, maybe that would give you a little help? Keep up the creations- can't wait to see what else you come up with!

Cheers! -Marcie

Ghoul Friday's picture

Hi Marcie :) Yes, it may be time for me to dive into internet video tutorials...and if that doesn't work, I can google "local seamstress for hire"! 

Isn't time the most fickle beast? You have too much of it when you don't want it, and always not enough when you do.

The Frog Queen's picture

That is just what I needed to get me thinking in the right direction!!!


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