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Three Ghoulish Cheers For Young Haunters

on August 6, 2008 - 10:26pm

young girl in bloody straight jacketWho says the youth of today have no determination or ability to plan ahead? Back when I was neck deep in work and this website was in shambles, I got an email from a young woman (we'll call her Emily the Strange) who said she was looking for Halloween theme May (you're making me look bad in front of the other haunters, Emily).

Miss Strange was kind enough to send me pictures and descriptions of her haunt to use on my theme page. I'm finally at the point where I can do this (a mere 3 months later). But I wanted to make sure I gave Miss Strange her dues and salute her with her own blog post. Besides, it looks like the girl has no pupils in that picture. How gruesomely gorgeous is that?

Emily has been haunting her friend's yard for the past two years. Last year, under a pair of raging red eyes glowing in the upstairs window, they created a Demented Hospital complete with an i.v. bag (made by a pop bottle filled with water and food colouring which ran down a slim rubber tube) hanging next to a, waiting to get her leg sawed off by the "crazy zombie doctor" (not just a zombie doctor...a crazy zombie doctor...the worst kind of doctor possible) as she screamed in pain.

But I think the jewel in her creepy crown was this:

We had a broken bicycle next to someone who was face first in the ground with a sign next to them saying: Mom was right, always wear a helmet.

Educational AND eerie. You are so right, Miss Strange. Safety first.

young girl in a coffin
The dead were ringing bells from deep within their graves to signal they were still alive while others were lucky enough (unlucky for any passersby) to escape their pine box jails.

Note the craftsmanship of the coffin. Really well done. The lining, the graining of the wood, and even the handles all add important detailing to the prop.

So, Eerie Emily, wherever you are, I hope you've found the theme for this year. And if you take pictures of it and send the story along, I promise to post about it once more.

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