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That's My Face

on March 14, 2009 - 9:34am

I may need to have this made.

The people at will take an image of you and use it to create a number of products: an action figure, a mask, a full head, a head cup to hold pencils...or my favourite, a Braincase.

The Braincase is a jar made in the shape and likeness of your head. It has a false brain panel beneath the scalp lid. When both are removed, you can keep your valuables in there. Like cookies. Or change.

Cost varies from $99 to $2999 depending on size.

Not crazy about your own face? That's ok. They can make you look prettier. Or older. Or younger.

According to their website, you can ask to have your image altered to match the characteristics of a different heritage ("I was hoping to look a bit more Asian").

This video shows how the smaller version of the Braincase looks. It also promotes their framed face product (though I'm not sure what I'd use such a thing for).

So how do they do it? They give a vague and brief description on the website that reads to me like "We bought some expensive equipment and now we can make strange stuff. Even we don't get how it works; we just press buttons!".

We can recreate your face or its caricature as a true-to-life 3D replica. Using patent-pending 3D modelling techniques previously reserved to film studios and professional 3D designers, as well as cutting-edge manufacturing technologies pioneered by the car prototyping industry, ThatsMyFace can bring you life-like FaceStatues of your face to your doorstep.

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