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the others

Sometimes Weird Creatures Make An Appearance

on August 31, 2012 - 9:43am

Folks who have been hanging around this site long enough may have noticed - especially over the last year - that my creations are changing. Some slightly (like the Minions), and some...well...some seem to come out of nowhere.

I've started an album for these square pegs titled "The Others".  

The Creature in the Corner is one of those figures. Standing at approximately 16 inches tall (longer if you followed the curve of his spine), he towers over all my other figures.

Normally a story follows (or accompanies) a piece's creation. I had this figure on the table at the show without a name or story. It came to me on the last day. Short on details for such a tall character, but enough to let me have a basic understanding of who...or at least is. 

Leaning out of shadows, the Creature in the Corner is usually overlooked.

It does not speak.

It does not walk from place to place.

It simply appears, bending its long body to peer over or around objects. 

Even if someone catches a glimpse of it, by the time they walk to where it was, it has faded away.

More pictures below. 

And more pictures to come of ANOTHER creature who came out of nowhere. I think I may have officially watched Labyrinth and Dark Crystal too many times (if that's possible). Of course, there are worse things in life than making something that reminds you in a distant way of the genius of Brian Froud. Look for that soon.