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The Undeading: CPR Makes You Undead

on October 5, 2012 - 7:28am

Take two good concepts (Halloween haunts and saving lives), and two big organizations (Canada's Wonderland and the Heart & Stroke Foundation).

Combine them in one event.

What do you get?

The Undeading.

"At the end of September, the outbreak began. By October 4th, the entire city was overrun. Now it’s up to all of us to head to the safe zone on October 25th to survive.

On October 25th, 2012, we are calling on you to help us break the Guinness World Record for CPR training at The Undeading At Wonderland – Presented by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

For $14.99 – 60% off of regular admission, not only will you be a part of this historic and exclusive event, but you will also have full access to the park and Halloween Haunt and learn how to save lives with CPR.
Join the resistance and buy your tickets today. CPR Makes You Undead."

13th Floor Experience at Circus Circus

on October 15, 2010 - 1:32pm

My last Vegas story ends on a happier note. Upon arrival in the city, I learned that Frightdome was happening at Circus Circus, where they turn their theme park into haunted mazes for the month of October.

Well, only on the weekends in the month of October, which proved to be a problem since we had the wedding on the Sunday, and the stag on the Friday, and one was in any shape to do anything on the Saturday in between. Foiled again.

BUT it turned out Circus Circus also offered The 13th Floor Experience which takes place on the 13th floor of the hotel (and as you may know, it's not common for a hotel to have an actual 13th floor). $13 for a 13 minute tour of the haunted 13th floor. Sign me up.

We were greeted by a tiny undead bellman (much smaller and with more character than the tall ghoul in the picture) and taken up the elevator as he told us stories about our destination and how the past inhabitants of the 13th floor have once again taken up residence. I thought it was a nice touch that he told part of the story with his back to us as he leaned into the opposite corner.