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Working Mummies

on October 17, 2012 - 8:53pm

The other day I wrote about an unexpected visitor with a package for me. This is one of the books that was inside. 

It's called Working Mummies illustrated by Drazen Kozjan and written by Joan Horton.

I've only had a few spare, quiet moments to read through it a number of  times (love it!), my eyes trying to take in all the Halloween goodness, but it ticks all the right boxes for me: great images, strong female characters, and well written rhymes.

The book explores the different jobs of Mummies in the monster world, like Writers, Teachers, Dentists and even Real Estate Mummies: 

"Other mums sell houses.

They're not the least bit daunted

By buyers who insist upon

Old dwellings that are haunted."

Who's Knocking at My Door

on October 12, 2012 - 12:43pm

Gather round kiddies. Ol'Ghoul is going to tell you a tale that is like a teaching fairytale for adults: interesting characters, surprises, that moment where our protagonist gets into a bad situation because they didn't do what they should have...all the good stuff. The moral of my tale? Get dressed by 11 am even on your day off.

Once upon a time, there was a woman who'd had a whirlwind week (read: month). Her house was ramshackled. Her front lawn neglected. And she was expecting a visitor later in the day, a visitor who had never seen her home before and might be bringing a camera. The visitor - we'll call her Amy - was set to arrive around 5 pm.

The woman began cleaning her house early that morning. She had errands to run also, and thought about getting dressed. It was getting close to noon, after all. She decided to wait. She'd only be getting dirtier as the house got cleaner, and there was much left to do. And she wanted to make a good impression, of course.

It's important to make a good impression, isn't it?

Dusting, sweeping, sorting, washing, stopping only to brush her teeth (no time for the hair). 

Doorbell rings. 

The woman pauses her work, looks toward the sound, then looks down at her Popeye-themed pajama bottoms and oversized dress shirt she's wearing (she can't see the dirt, but she can feel it). 

It's only 11 am. No packages expected. No visitors until later. Just leave it.

Doorbell rings again.

She throws on her red hoodie as she moves to the front door.

A man in a black helmet (no not Vader) and sun glasses is at her door, holding a large envelope. 

A bike courier?

They share salutations and he asks if she is Ghoul Friday, which catches her off guard a little, but postal carriers do sometimes address her by that name.

She tells the man yes, and he hands her the large envelope, decorated with spooks and ghouls, her name in the branches, her address on the tombstone (blurred in the image so I could show it to you).

"Isn't that something!" she exclaims, remarking on the drawings. 

Review: Reading, Writing, Wearing Halloween

on October 28, 2010 - 8:42am

This has been a hectic time for me, and of course it was the year where I had the most requests to do reviews for people. Sadly, I knew I wouldn't have time to give everyone the spotlight they deserved, so I had to say no to a number of requests. I did, however, make two exceptions.

Small Press of Toronto Book Fair

on December 10, 2009 - 8:50am

On Saturday Dec 12, 2009, from 10 am to 5 pm I'll be at the Small Press of Toronto Book Fair promoting and selling Brains vs. Coffee. You'll find books, chapbooks, graphic novels, zines, comics, audio-books, and magazines plus an amazing full day of readings at the Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen Street West. Admission is free.

Official flyer posted below.

Pop-up Book of Phobias

on December 3, 2009 - 8:46am

Pop-up book of phobias

I love the concept of this book. I'd be happy to read it as an adult, and I would have been all over it as a kid. From the website:

Gary Greenberg's Pop-up Book of Phobias makes you face your fears head on, whether it's a podium and an angry crowd or dirt flying at you while you're buried alive. The dark artwork and innovative pop-ups make the Pop-Up Book of Phobias the scariest book we've come across since The Shinning.

Brains Vs. Coffee Update

on October 20, 2009 - 1:47am

Just a quick update on what's been happening with Brains vs. Coffee.

There's been some promising reviews, including write-ups from Zombie Command and Lipstick Indie (by Carolina Smart). You can see the highlights on my Reviews Page on the BvC website.

Moving from print to podcasts, there was a generous (and unsolicited) mention of the book on Rotting Flesh Radio (around the 45 minute mark). And for those interested in hearing me cackle maniacally as I recount my nightmarish experience with printers in my first interview, check out this podcast from Gredunza Press.

If you're on twitter, you can now get updates, zombie links and quotes from the book by following my Brains Vs Coffee twitter account. It's also a good way to get an extra entry into the giveaway.

What giveaway? Why, Ghoul Friday's October Giveaway happening until Oct. 30th. I'm still looking for reviews, testimonials, and promos! And if I get to 100 followers on that account by Oct 30th, I will add one of my very own Underbiters to the prize pack. Just remember to post links in the comment section of the giveaway page (loads of people have been forgetting!).