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Severed Town Serpent Witches: Custom Figure

on October 10, 2013 - 9:20am

My most recent custom piece was an absolute joy to create and both myself and the new owner thought she turned out pretty cool.

He gave me a fantastic back story to pull inspiration from, which always makes the task of bringing someone's vision to life much easier.

The story serves as the theme for his home haunt. Here is his tale (posted with permission):

"In the late 1800s, the town of Severed was in financial peril. The once booming mining town was suffering because of one man, Jonathan Miltz, the owner of the mine.

Miltz was a gambler and had lost most of his fortune, forcing him to put his floundering mine up for sale. A day after it was put on the market, twin sisters rode into town, bringing their traveling snake show with them. Apparently the show was very lucrative as they immediately bought the troubled mine, as well as the town theatre so they could set up their show in a permanent  location.

The Manjula Sisters reopened the mine and began hiring all the men back who had lost their jobs. Everyone in the town was happy again.

But it was short lived.

Workers at the mine began disappearing and the sisters claimed they knew nothing of their whereabouts. The town's newspaper reporter, Jacob Wheeler, started to dig into the twin's past and what he found was shocking. It turned out the sisters had fled Salem during the witch trials and had come to Canada after being wanted for practicing witchcraft. This was all the townspeople of Severed needed to hear to start their own witch hunt.

The sisters were dragged from the mine where they were hiding and taken to the town square to be burned alive. As the flames rose around them, one of the sisters stood on the other's shoulders, and with her dying breath placed a curse on the town, turning all the women into Serpent Witches. These newly born witches of Severed hunted down the town's men. Once they had disposed of every last man, the curse was lifted.

Or was it?"

My job was to create a figure of one of the women from Severed after she had been afflicted with the curse and transformed into a Serpent Witch. With such a rich back story, I wanted to make sure I gave a nod to elements in the original tale and imagine the history of the woman I was to create. Here is my tale and some additional pictures.

Autumn Harvest Witch Lantern

on October 7, 2013 - 4:33pm

Taking a break from posts about the happiest place on earth, today's focus is an Autumn Harvest Witch Lantern I just finished. 

I've had some lanterns kicking around the house for a while now. In fact, I've been slowly accumulating them for a couple of years with plans to create various sculptures and scenes that would go inside. 

Recently I finished a witch custom figure for a fellow haunter, and decided to present her inside a lantern (mainly to keep her safe during display because she's fairly fragile). I will post those pictures soon.

Once I sent that piece off to its new owner, I said to myself "Ok. You need to start your lantern series".

Here is the first creation of what I hope will be multiple lantern incarnations. 

She holds an LED candle in a glass candleholder nestled in her lap. 

It's a varied mixed media piece, ranging from clay and fabric to twigs and moss, standing 10 inches tall.

Luckily she's ready for the Bazaar of the Bizarre this Saturday, Oct 12th. I won't have time to complete another this fall, but perhaps over the winter I'll get started on a second lantern. 

Happy Halloweeining, folks! Hope you enjoy the set of pictures below.

And Finally, Georgina the Witch

on May 3, 2013 - 1:27pm

Ah Georgina (or Georgie, as she's known to her friends). 

All my other witches and hags have taught me that appearances can be deceiving, and labels are misleading. A witch isn't what you think she is, or expect her to be.

This is not the case with Georgina. 

Georgina is the textbook witch. Open her cupboards and you will find eye of newt. 

Cackle? Check.

Animal familiar (in this case, a bird)? Check.

Green, wrinkled skin? Check.

Pointy hat? Check.

The only thing missing is her broom, recently taken from her by the members of her coven for flying while inebriated. She'd misjudged her landing and collided with the community cauldron just as her sister witches were putting the last touches on a spell they'd been simmering for 3 days. 

And I should mention that throwing water on her will not make her melt. It will only make her very, very angry.

This figure is approximately 12 inches tall.

Little Minions: Wilhelmina

on June 20, 2011 - 10:29am

I've commented before on this blog on my odd subconscious aversion to classic Halloween characters or icons. Yes, I make pumpkins. But if you go back through my catalogue of minions, you won't find too many recognizable Halloween classics.

There's nothing wrong with that, it just surprises me.

A while ago I made the the Witch in the Woods, but she still didn't fit that archetype. Which again is fine.

This time, I dove in with focus: pointy hat. Black scraggly hair. Greenish skin.

Wilhemina lives in the suburbs. Her lawn is unkempt. The shutters of her house are falling off their hinges. Junk mail overflows her mailbox. Her garden houses weeds.

The neighbours frown in her direction while chatting on manicured grass, listening to their cherub wind chimes. None of them would dare complain to the old woman who lives alone, who is often seen in jogging pants and oversized t-shirts (clothes she refers to as her costumes). I mean, who wants to tell the unattractive old lady who lives with too many cats that she's lowering the property value of the neighbourhood?

Besides, they reason, on Halloween she always comes out dressed in that witch outfit, and all the kids love her. She's just a harmless old lady.

It's best they don't give her a hard time.

They would learn very quickly she isn't as frail or helpless as they assume she is.

A Little Halloween to Warm Winter Blues

on December 14, 2010 - 12:02pm

Saw this over on Scary Mary's Blog. It's wonderful, and the music makes it hauntingly so.


The Witch in the Woods

on March 1, 2010 - 12:05pm

Witch in the Woods by Ghoul Friday

The Story

I don't know her name, but locally she's known as the Witch in the Woods. She treks through the forest and marshland twice a day, hunting and gathering. She places items in an old black sack (what the children refer to as "her death bag").