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Boo-tiful Bellagio

on October 7, 2010 - 1:44pm

Ah, the Bellagio Hotel. This is what I expected more of from Vegas (both in terms of glamour and Halloween goodness).

140 expert horticulturists tend this garden within the hotel (which is free to explore). It's wonderful by day, and has an eerie beauty by night.

I did my best to steady my camera as I took pictures but a few of these are still a bit blurry. The hues of purple and violet set the perfect mood, but weren't exactly the best photography conditions for someone without a tripod.

Note the red blooms around the gigantic pumpkin (below). They are actually chili pepper plants. Genius.

The man-sized Venus Fly traps were automated, their mouths snapping closed ever 30 seconds or so.

But as you can tell from the amount of images I've posted here, it's the trees that I fell most in love with. Beautiful branches sweeping into swirls I could walk through (had they been closer to the ground). Humongous glass leaves hanging from the ceiling. Breathtaking.