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Treating Steampunk Like it's the New Facebook or TV Dinner

on May 28, 2010 - 1:05pm

steampunk image for FanExpo
Remember back when you'd been on twitter or Facebook for a couple years, and mainstream media picked up on it, and Oprah did a show on it to let the middle class suburban masses in on this great new hip discovery well after it had grown in size so that it wasn't any sort of secret (and Facebook already had one foot deeply cemented in a boot of lame?) And the show was all about teaching you how to be 'with it' too?

Or better yet, remember when Martha Stewart and Rosie O'Donnel did a segment on KidRobot's Munnys, and you looked over to your vinyl toy collection and sighed, a bit hollower than you were 3 minutes before?