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Face Off at Universal Studios Florida HHN

on October 24, 2014 - 4:54pm

In just over an hour, I will be hiding behind a pillow, mortified to see myself on Innerspace. The experience with the team who came to the house was fantastic. They made great efforts to make me feel relaxed despite my neurotic shyness and aversion to putting a spotlight directly on myself. And there was an actual spotlight to face along with the lens of a camera. As readers know, I generally avoid posting images or videos of myself online so this is a leap outside my comfort zone.

In honour of SPACE channel coming to the house, I wanted to get my images from Universal Studios Florida posted, featuring their Face Off models in wickedly wonderful costumes.

Next time I need to attend Halloween Horror Nights twice: once to look around, and once with a tripod! Considering these are all handheld photos taken at night, I think they came out pretty well.


I'm off to find the vodka. 

And a big pillow.