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Little Minions: Nastri

on April 26, 2013 - 1:41pm

Nastri knows his destiny as a demon. All his friends are demons. His relatives are demons. Even his pet dog is demonic.

He's just a little unsure about acting like one. 

Nastri is ready to fulfill his role in this known universe and the dark realms in-between. He has mastered a booming laugh, can conjure nightmares, melt faces just by imagining it, and yet...yet...

"I'm just a little insecure about it all. Part of it is not sleeping well, I know, but I'm kept up by all the expectations placed upon me. And I'm scared when I'm in the moment, I won't make the right decision. I mean, how do you know when you should make the walls bleed or if it's better to just jump in with a full possession? People keep saying 'you'll feel it' or 'you just know' but when you're starting out, you don't know. It's all very intimidating."

Little Minions: Graebor

on April 19, 2013 - 9:12am

A powerful patrician in his homeland, Graebor holds sway over his fellow countrymen of the proud Waug race.

With a family tree where every branch blooms aristocracy, there is a certain expectation for the sons and daughters of this bloodline.

The family credo is behave as if you hold power, and power is yours. 

Though not officially in a position of authority, Graebor and his ancestors have always had (and sometimes threatened to sever) the ear of army commanders and royalty. Crossing Graebor or disagreeing with him publicly is the equivalent of signing one's own death warrant both socially and, if rumours are to be believed, in the literal sense as well.

As the current eldest male, Graebor is the head of the family. Persuasive, cold, cunning, and outwardly calm, he projects unshakeable leadership. Rarely does one see even a glimpse of the restrained rage undulating beneath his skin, behind his eyes.

But it's there.

In the tilt of his head.

In the silence of a pause.

Waiting to be released.

Bad JuJu

on March 25, 2013 - 8:24am

I am breaking my tradition of starting my show/convention season in late summer, and have signed up to do Art-O-Con in Burlington on May 5th. It's a new convention of really talented local artists with interests ranging from science fiction, to monster goodness, to things of strange and quirky beauty. If you - like me - love FanExpo best for artist alley, and seeing leagues of storm troopers and daleks hanging about, then you need to come out to this event. Besides, with a title like Art-O-Con II: the Wrath of Con, how can you resist?

Since this event is taking place so very far away from the leave-strewn season of hallowed Halloween, I wanted to make sure I had some smaller items on the table that might be more widely embraced than, say,  pumpkins during a month when more people are thinking about what to plant in their garden or how they'll fit into a summer dress rather than plotting Halloween celebrations (though really, who are these people and why are their priorities so skewed? *wink*).

That is how I came up with a collection of Bad JuJu figures. Talismans, if you will. Not quite voodoo dolls, but with all the hoodoo potential a ghoul might want. Adorned with feathers and fur (some with twine, or beads, or black rope), each hand sculpted figure sits upon a uniquely decorated open crate. People can leave the crate as is, or they can remove the paper filler and replace it with their own superstitious bits and bobs: some chicken bones, a lost tooth, some beach glass, little skulls, whatever they like. 

Since I'm planning on keeping one for myself (I think it's important artists keep one example of a collection they made), I might fill it with a bunch of items and have it on display to encourage people to get creative with their new purchase.

So take a look at the additional pictures below, and tell me what you think.

Winter is Over, Yes?

on March 22, 2013 - 12:07pm

Is it safe to come out of hibernation yet?

I know it's supposedly spring, but the freezing temps and ice-crusted snow outside tells my senses otherwise.

The need to reorganize my art inventory and tackle all those projects started - but never finished - during the dark months of winter, however, indicates to me that we are moving into a new season.

2013 has been a wild and crazy ride so far. Almost everyone I know is in the middle of huge life changes that are culminating at the end of this month/start of April. Some are moving to new cities, or provinces, and even (possibly) to foreign countries to begin new jobs. A whole whack of people are buying new houses. Four couples I know are getting divorced (or separated). And sadly, reports of serious illness - some just temporary, others lifelong afflictions - keep coming in.


Roman Bust Progress

on October 23, 2012 - 2:12pm

Finally dove in and sculpted the hair. Decided to go super cheap and use Crayola Model Magic. I was concerned it wouldn't adhere to the paper mache but my fears quickly vanished once I got going.

It's interesting to see the progression from start to finish, don't you think? 

Sure, she's no Venus, but I'm pretty happy with it considering I had no idea what I was doing. 

Sculpture Progress For Black Lodge Theme

on October 20, 2012 - 12:08am

To simplify my life this Halloween, I picked a theme (Halloween in the Black Lodge - a Twin Peaks reference) that would not involve a lot of large scale prop building. There would only be one big one. Sounds simple, yes? I mean, I usually build numerous props for a theme, so one should be a breeze.

There's a statue seen in the Red Room/Black Lodge on the series.

A very famous statue.

In fact, one could argue besides David, the Thinker, and Atlas, it's probably the most recognizable sculpture ever made: Venus.

It's one thing to create something from your own imagination, or a symbol known by people. But I's freakin' Venus. Not only do I have NO experience sculpting humans (the closest I've come is my Witch in the Woods but she was a character, not a realistic sculpt), but I am not a famous master Roman sculptor!

I decided right from the start that I would NOT be aiming to recreate Venus. That would be stupid. And drive me to drink. 

Instead, I would aim for generic white sculpture of a woman with Roman qualities.

If you missed my last post, check it out first. 

Got it? Good. Now onto my current progress.

A Little Minion: Lucius

on October 9, 2012 - 7:11pm


If given the option between trick or treat, Lucius will always choose trick.
More mischievous than evil, this little demon encourages pranks on Halloween night.
He leaves cartons of rotten eggs for bored teenagers to find.
Pushes jack o'lanterns to the edge of steps, creating temptation for bad little boys to teeter them from their safe spot.
He'll even shake all the bottles of soda pop set out for thirsty Halloween party goers.
The figure is approximately 7 inches tall. See more images below.
I've added Lucius to my etsy shop as part of the Lucky 13 sale. 

Halloween Figures in the Lucky 13 Sale

on October 9, 2012 - 12:03am

Yesterday (our Thanksgiving Monday) while Canadians everywhere were chowing down on Turkey dinners, I was painting.

I was able to get a number of figures completed (and a few close to completion). As you may know, I'm having my Lucky 13 sale on Etsy up until October 13th, at which point I will put the shop in vacation mode until after my last show of the season.

Sullivan and Screecher

on August 31, 2012 - 10:42am

I made this figure in July sometime. He popped up in the middle of my monster madness, an anomaly with no name and no story.

I'm not even sure if he's finished (a hat? more baubles?), but here he is for now.

I've had the owl sculpted for more than a year, waiting for a proper owner. It's actually the owl I fell in love with originally (and why this piece is staying in my personal collection).

Even now, I struggle to know his story. Which is strange.

Sullivan tends to the smaller animals in the forest.

Each day, with the help of Screecher, he scouts the woods for injured beasts in need of help. He tends their wounds, feeds the starving, frees the captured, and returns wandering babes to the safety of their nest, crook, or cave. 

This figure is approximately 10 inches tall.

More images below.

It's interesting being presented with a creation that has absolutely no ties to Halloween or previous styles. And I use the word "presented" because the majority of sculptures reveal themselves as I work rather than being born from an idea or vision. 

I've also noticed a pattern of pieces who I imagine come from the same world or town apart from the other figures. A grander story waiting to be told. When it's more clear, I'll let you know the tale they are trying to tell me. 


Sometimes Weird Creatures Make An Appearance

on August 31, 2012 - 9:43am

Folks who have been hanging around this site long enough may have noticed - especially over the last year - that my creations are changing. Some slightly (like the Minions), and some...well...some seem to come out of nowhere.

I've started an album for these square pegs titled "The Others".  

The Creature in the Corner is one of those figures. Standing at approximately 16 inches tall (longer if you followed the curve of his spine), he towers over all my other figures.

Normally a story follows (or accompanies) a piece's creation. I had this figure on the table at the show without a name or story. It came to me on the last day. Short on details for such a tall character, but enough to let me have a basic understanding of who...or at least is. 

Leaning out of shadows, the Creature in the Corner is usually overlooked.

It does not speak.

It does not walk from place to place.

It simply appears, bending its long body to peer over or around objects. 

Even if someone catches a glimpse of it, by the time they walk to where it was, it has faded away.

More pictures below. 

And more pictures to come of ANOTHER creature who came out of nowhere. I think I may have officially watched Labyrinth and Dark Crystal too many times (if that's possible). Of course, there are worse things in life than making something that reminds you in a distant way of the genius of Brian Froud. Look for that soon.