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New Items For Sale: Scarecrows

on August 3, 2010 - 11:45am

Four Scarecrows posted today. Each one is $25 CDN plus shipping and handling. Be sure to check them all out!

Update: 2 Sold. 2 Remaining will be sold at shows.

7.5 inches tall. Made of paper clay and mixed mediums.

You certainly won't have to worry about crows sneaking into your home with this creepy little scarecrow (or Skelecrow as I've come to call him).

His burlap sack bulges and ripples in forms that look much like a ribcage.

He's hand-sculpted and painted with acrylics, propped on a wooden stake and steadied by a terracotta base.

Click any of the images to see a larger view.

Sneak Peek of the Scarecrow

on October 29, 2009 - 7:46pm

Ghoul Friday's Scarecrow backlit
Who knew I could get the sun to rise in my living room just by adding a scarecrow. More pictures to come.

A little later...

I've posted some quick shots of him all lit up. I'll be sure to take some nicer photographs on Saturday or Sunday, but I wanted to give you a sense of what he looks like.

He isn't exactly as I imagined. He needs some cooler clothes and a few adjustments, but he'll do for this year. The bonus is I can take him completely apart for storage.

His stand is an actual tree trunk (a deceased tree we pulled from the ground). His eyes are lit with LED. I weaved pieces of wood for the eyes, and whittled his teeth.

For all the images posted below (with the exception of the one that just shows the base), you can click on the image to see a bigger picture.

Scarecrows: Here Today, Gone...Today

on October 28, 2009 - 3:26pm

I spent my lunch hour at the Harlequin office building along with about 12 other vendors, selling items to employees in an attempt to raise some cash for the United Way.

For the first time, I made little scarecrows to sell. Two of the four now have new homes.

It was an interesting venue. Usually I'm surrounded by other Halloween fiends, but this group - almost all women - were a completely different bunch. The best part was that at my last shows, most people were afraid to actually touch the eye of my eyeball plants. Even the people who bought them and took them home had apprehension. But these ladies? Fingers like missiles, directly aimed for the cornea. I loved it.

As an added bonus, I traded an eyeball plant for a rockin' sock monkey covered in skulls, made by the folks at Ginger Jewelry.

Scarecrow in Progress

on October 8, 2009 - 10:13am

Scarecrow head in progress

In between working on 28 Peek-A-Boo Plants, I've been trying to bring a scarecrow to life. I've never made one before, and I wanted him to look different from any other I've seen.

He's still a work in progress. I'll be writing a how-to soon.

Wooden whittled (not "widdled") teeth. Small branches woven together in a circle for the eyes.

I'm working on the shading and colours of his burlap skin, and then it's off to work on the body.