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The Devil's in the Details

on October 9, 2010 - 11:25am

I don't know how I come across on the blog, but I generally feel fairly insignificant in my role as artist in the world. No, this isn't a "woe as me" statement. It's actually not even a classically Canadian self-deprecating statement. It's a simple fact. I mean, you folks know me, but it's not like I'm being stopped as I walk the streets of Toronto by people saying "Aren't you Ghoul Friday?". Halloween lovers and fellow haunters know my blog and my handle, but that's different. I'm part of an online community.

I'm talking about my presence amongst the masses, the folks I see in 3-D. The ones who can actually pick up my pieces, turning them in their hands, and not just rely on images I've uploaded.

And I always think I'll never see the people who buy from me ever again. Even if I did, I imagined it would be a passing "Hey, I know you. You're the eyeball lady".