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plague doctor

Plague Doctor: Muddied Figure

on July 3, 2010 - 9:31am

Plague Doctor by Ghoul Friday
The third figure in this second set of four also bends the traditional view of a Plague Doctor.

Bolts, organic in appearance (almost like growths or barnacles) line the seams of his stitched leather hood.

His goggles are prominent, the glass thick and dark almost like that of a welder. There is no hint of eyes behind them, but you cannot mistake the sense you're being watched.

The muddied appearance travels from hood to scarf, and you can't quite tell if his clothing is soiled or if that's how they look naturally.

There is one more figure left in this set of four, and he is more in line with others you've seen me make. I certainly had some fun with these last two, pushing the boundaries on what defines a Plague Doctor; trying to make them very different yet still retain enough hints in the features that you connect it to the classic figures.

Plague Doctor: Blue Bird of Unhappiness

on July 2, 2010 - 8:38pm

Plague Doctor by Ghoul FridayEver since I painted the first red Plague Doctor, I've been itching to make a blue one.

Here he is, a skeletal blue jay mask and bright blue leather hiding his true face from us.

You see, these aren't human Plague Doctors. They look like them, and they mingle with the sick and diseased, but there is no benevolence in their attention to the ill. No pity for the suffering of mankind. They simply chose this form because it was the simplest to replicate, having to only shift their appearance slightly to adapt to an acceptable sight on any street corner so long ago.

Should two of these creatures cross each other's path, there is no greeting, no acknowledgement of their presence. They simply pass by, or hover over the sickly individual on opposite sides of his deathbed.

Plague Doctor Divinity

on May 31, 2010 - 11:05am

Plague Doctor Divinity by Ghoul FridayEver since I made the Plague Doctor door snake, my brain has been churning ideas of white-masked sculptures.

I don't want them to look like everyone else's, but I do want it to be identifiable (at least in the sense they are 'inspired by' plague doctors).

I decided that I would do a mixed media for the forms - clay masks and maybe cloth bodies. Even with these decisions made, I could not move forward.

The roadblock for me was that I kept thinking what if. What if the plaque doctor wasn't a person at all, but an actual creature? In fact, what if it was some sort of spirit. Something not of this world.

Setting my original plans aside for the moment, I indulged myself. I extended his neck. I gave his body a slight S shape. I didn't worry about arms. I had some fun with his mask.

The idea of plague doctor as divinity speaks to me so much I may have to alter my plans for the next ones I make.

This one is made of polymer clay and stands approximately 6" high. The next ones will be taller.

Sadly, my little spirit does not have the gift of flight and, due to my clumsiness, took a tumble off the table. He's suffered a hairline crack on one side of his hood towards the back (you can see it in the right picture below).