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The Humble Beginning of Jason in Friday the 13th

on October 12, 2009 - 10:58am

Jason in Friday the 13th
Missed the last two days on the Halloween countdown (bad blogger). Wasn't feeling too well and am totally swamped with Halloween projects. So I spent yesterday on the couch, painting eyeball plants and watching horror movies, including Friday the 13th parts one through three.

I'm sure there are many like me who haven't watched the earlier movies in a long time. And I forgot just how...real Jason used to be.

Sure we know him as the hulking form behind the goalie mask now. The unstoppable, looming figure that's ice-cold.

But back then, he was the size of a regular man. He wore overalls and a sack or pillowcase over his head. He moved at normal speed. He ran, stumbled and when he fell to the ground, he made an audible sound. An actual "oof" noise.

And when you hit him, he was hurt. Just like any other man, when Jason took one straight to the *cough* family jewels, he went down just like you'd expect him to.

He was human. He was desperate and determined in his chase.

And you know what? All these weaknesses - these human traits - made him scarier. Probably because I believed he was real.

So while everyone else can worship the hockey-masked, machete-wielding, supernatural killing machine, I'll save my shudders for the flawed, deformed man who grew up alone in the woods...who (everyone believed) drowned...who saw his mother killed...who wears a one-eyed sack over his head to hide his deformity.