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little minions

Posting Minions to the Gallery

on November 30, 2010 - 11:42am

One of the overdue tasks I've been neglecting is posting all the minions I've made to the gallery. I was hoping to have the new site up by now (ha ha ha), and was putting the project off until then so I didn't have more content to migrate.

ANYWAY, I couldn't remember if I ever shared with you a commission piece I made for friend and follower of this blog, Cooter. His wife asked me to make a pirate minion, and this is what I came up with.

Cooter has already received this gift, so I'm free to post it ;)

More minions to come!

Little Minions: Red-Eyed Owl

on September 15, 2010 - 10:16am

Have been fighting off some sort of virus, so I'm not up to writing the longer post I had planned for today (or really yesterday, which I spent sweating and freezing on the couch).

Instead, here's a picture of one of the owls I made and sold at Festival of Fear.

There's a second owl with different features who wasn't lucky enough to get a winged cape. I'm thinking I may give him one since I liked the look on the first one so much. It's on my list of things to do before my next show on Sept. 24 at the Rivoli in Toronto.

But that will have to wait for another day. All of today's energies will be spent on visiting my mother which works out, because in my experience Moms tend to be the best people to see when you're not feeling well, regardless of your age.

She also has dogs, which again score highly on the nurturing scale. I think me and my buddy Ludo will be spending some quality time watching tv in the living room.

Yetch is wonderful, but a nurturing soul he is not.

Little Minion: My Little Red Devil

on September 8, 2010 - 1:07pm

I let myself keep one or two figures from a series. I'm pretty good at sticking to this rule. So good, in fact, that sometimes I forget that I'm allowed to keep them.

I hummed and hawed over this little red devil for a long time. When I was making him, he seemed like a neat little character but nothing too extraordinary. But each time I passed him, it was like he was intently grinning at me. And I would involuntarily grin back, unable to help myself.

A few days before the convention, my mind was settled. I could not live without him. And so, he is now a permanent member of my private collection.

I also think it's a good idea to keep a piece where I achieved something...maybe it's a pose, or the bend of a body, or the fold of a cloak, or the texture of a paint finish.

While photographs are a great learning tool and I've often used them as a reference, having the actual figure in front of you is better. Do I think he's the perfect example of effects I'm going for? No, but he's the closest I've come so far. At least for my personal taste.

And I really liked the combination of colours. I've started another horned figure using the same colour scheme but he has a drastically different facial expression and feel to him.

An Update on Mr. Toadlington

on September 6, 2010 - 10:56am

I was sent a picture of Mr. Toadlington from his new owners. He looks as though he's made himself right at home.

And he's either found loads of new business or he's robbing them blind. Either way, it's best to let him keep the coins.

Another Little Minion with Pumpkin Features

on September 1, 2010 - 2:55pm

Every single time I saw this little guy, I couldn't help but get The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead by XTC stuck in my head.

Of course, the figure is far less political than the song.

He was, perhaps, the second minion to go to a new home at the convention. I know he went fast enough to cause a hesitant shopper who'd come by the table earlier to lament their decision to not snatch him up when she had the chance.

I always want to put up a sign that says "If you really like it, please buy it now because it will be gone the next time I see you." Such is the nature of one of a kind pieces. I don't have that sign, of course, and if I ever do you are all allowed to throw stones at me because it just seems in bad taste. But I still always feel bad for the people when they discover a certain piece has been sold. And it happened a few times this weekend.

Anyway, I really like how he turned out. I wasn't sure how the pumpkin might look with eyeballs, but it certainly gives him an animated appearance. Might make a few more similar to him in the future. He added a certain festiveness to the table.

I also got to play with more gathering of material at his feet. I really like the look of them wearing cloaks too big for them, that have some wear. Makes me think they've just gotten back from an adventure and are just fooling me into thinking they are inanimate by standing still.

Festival of Fear 2010 - End of Day 1

on August 27, 2010 - 10:39pm

End of day one. Not sure if I'll have time to type up a post in the morning, so I thought I would get this one out of the way tonight (Friday).

Going back to the convention for a second year presented some lovely moments. Saw so many familiar faces from last year - and I don't just mean vendors. Dozens of people who visited my table in 2009 came by once more. And the best part was the reception they gave me, and the stories they had to tell.

There were two people who found me today, thrilled to see the eyeball plants again because they'd decided to wait to buy one and then were disappointed to discover I'd sold out by the Saturday. My favourite quote: "I'll wait to buy everyone else's items, but I am getting this plant RIGHT NOW."

Lots of "I bought one of your plants last year and now I keep it (insert entertaining details here)." One person uses it to torment coworkers. I heartily approve.

Meghan, who follows and comments on this blog, came by the table and snatched up the last remaining Underbiter, Oogie. They are now officially all gone, and I'm pleased this last creature went to Miss Meghan.

Also talked with some twitter folk (*waves to Trischa*) and loads of others I've met at shows other than FanExpo.

The first item sold from the table (before I'd even finished setting up) was this little minion (pictured above and below). He went so fast I haven't even had time to name him, and will leave it up to his new owners. I really liked him because he's probably the toughest looking minion I've made.

Little Minion: Leon

on August 26, 2010 - 8:28am

Leon was made at the same time as Bosco, before I started the more Halloween-like figures mentioned in the last post.

Leon is a pensive chap. Quiet and somewhat shy, he only speaks when he has something important to say. He's a little self conscious of a slight stutter that reveals itself when he's upset or exited.

He likes keeping life simple and avoids conflict as much as possible, to the extreme of avoiding other people if he can help it. He much prefers to be home alone by the fire, reading books and studying maps. You see, his secret wish is to be an explorer. After an evening of plotting courses and memorizing celestial patterns in the universe, Leon will sit back in his favourite arm chair with a glass of red wine and doze in the glow of the fire, dreaming of his many great adventures.

Little Minion: Dark Devil

on August 25, 2010 - 8:09pm

Tomorrow will be spent taking photographs of all the new creations headed for Festival of Fear on Friday. I'd already snapped a few shots of this little creature a while ago.

I wanted to start making more classic Halloween figures now that I've had some fun exploring other creatures. This little devil is the first one I made with Halloween in mind. I've also made some owls, another devil, a demon and a pumpkin creature. Will post those soon.

The cool thing about this guy is while he has my style, he certainly has a different look (at least in my opinion). I'm excited to see what else I come up with as I explore this Halloween theme (after I've had a rest from my big push this last week).

As for an update on my progress, I have 2 of the 3 large plants painted. Going to look at them with fresh eyes tomorrow to see if they need touch ups before I add the epoxy.

And I'm actually going to have those 3 Plague Doctors done by tonight which is exciting.

Little Minion: Bosco

on August 8, 2010 - 8:23am

Did I mention I've dubbed my eyes and teeth creatures as Little Minions?

The last few days have been about trying to get a few more ready for my show at the end of the month. I've completed two and have three more heads sculpted, waiting for paint and bodies. I think you're going to like them. I'm pretty excited by the playfulness they all seem to convey.

But today is all about Bosco. For a creature with terrible luck, he maintains a remarkable happy-go-lucky attitude. Lightening strikes, loose floorboards on a long flight of stairs, all spilt drinks finding their way onto his lap...none of this bothers Bosco. He blinks a few times after each incident, then bursts into raspy laughter.

I have his luck. Now if I could just have his disposition.

Mr. Phibious T. Toadlington

on July 23, 2010 - 9:37am

Mr. Phibious T. Toadlington is filthy.

And proud of it.

He wears rags and old sacks for his cloak and scarf, both of which are always caked in mud. He'll wear them until they fall apart, and simply replace them with some other scrap material he's found on his daily hunt for treasures.

He's loud - boisterous and charming to some, obnoxious and pompous to others. The one thing they agree on is he's a business man (of sorts). He gets things done, and will rarely shy away from even the most unsavoury task...if the price is right.

Phibious loves to haggle a price. I'm not sure if clients give in to his demands because he's a good negotiator, or because they know he can get the job done, or because they just can't stand the stink of him from across the table.

Another curious question surrounding him is his pot belly. He always has one hand on it. There have been whispers that he's fit and trim under that cloak, and the round beach ball shape is actually a sack of gold coins he keeps tied around his waist for safe keeping.