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little minions

Little Minions: Clay

on July 18, 2012 - 7:16pm

I've been able to complete a number of figures this past week (thank goodness) in a flurry of productivity. FanExpo/Festival of Fear is a month away, and for once I'd like to pretend I'll have enough made to take a breather before the big event (a ghoul can dream).

I have 3 Plague Doctors on the table, 5 unpainted plants, 2 unpainted Minions, and scores more to complete. I've harvested mini pumpkins, and even come up with a new idea that I'll test out at the show (if they sell well, I may make a bunch for the fall). More on that tomorrow. 

For now, let me introduce you to the latest Little Minion.

An academic, Clay spends most of his time shuttling from lecture to lecture, and studying into the night

He conducts experiments and has a real passion for potion brewing.

I tried to learn more about him, but he shushed me without even looking up from his notes.

Little Minions: Cyril the Swindler

on July 17, 2012 - 8:58am

Don't do business with Cyril. He's a swindler and a liar without any sense of remorse for his underhanded dealings.

It's surprising how many are taken in by his promises and that big grin. But then again, only the desperate seek him out, and desperation dulls logic.

He coos and coddles, assuring them they've made a wise decision coming to him. 

Discretion is assured, until he uses the secret to blackmail.

Contracts available for the tentative. Even if they were worth the paper they were printed on, Cyril has a talent for fine print. Be careful what you ask for, since he bends and wields wording to his benefit.

When you deal with Cyril, you get more than you bargained for.

This figure is approximately 6.5 inches tall.

Little Minion: Pilch

on July 11, 2012 - 10:44am

Pilch looks forward to the Autumn Festival every year.

He tends to his small garden at the edge of the river with a devotion only true green-thumbs can appreciate. He dotes on all his plants, but he's especially fond of his pumpkin patch which is responsible for producing all the pumpkins to decorate the festival. 

At night, he'll tie a copper plate to his head with a lit candle perched on top to help him work by moonlight in his beloved garden, polishing the pumpkins, weeding, shooing away any little critters who might mistake his masterpieces for a midnight snack. 

This figure is approximately 8 inches tall.

Little Minions: A Group of Teeny Ghoulies

on June 15, 2012 - 10:50am

Was playing with some smaller figures.

Something tinier than usual.

No back stories but pocket-sized monsters.

At about 4 inches in height (not including the party hat) it's like evil concentrated.

There's a few of them on the table waiting to be finished. 

We'll see if people like them at this year's shows.

Speaking of which, I'll be at Scarefest on July 7th. It's an outdoor Haunter Convention in Thornhill ON. BBQ, over 30 vendors/exhibitors, and all for free (though they ask for a donation for Sick Kids Hospital).

Bring your family. Bring your dog. Monkey Boo will be there too for at least part of the day!


Mr & Mrs Gaunt

on May 29, 2012 - 9:50am

A life half lived is a sad affair, especially when it comes to an end. 

No talents, no money,

not gorgeous nor funny,

and no one to call a friend.

Too worried about what the neighbours would say, they didn't pursue their dreams.

No pumpkins, no ghosts,

no party to host

on their favourite night: Halloween. 

This is the tale of a boring old couple named Mr. and Mrs. Gaunt.

Don't mourn that they're dead

Rejoice it instead,

For now they are free to haunt. 

Little Minions: Hibbert

on April 26, 2012 - 10:22am

It's not horrible deeds that make people distrust Hibbert.

It's his nervous laughter that makes them uneasy.

He can't help it. People make him self conscious.

They stare when he eats his fish heads, even when he's careful not to make slurping noises when he eats the eyeballs.

They whisper about him when he's pulling snails from their shells, even when he made sure the slimy creatures are unconscious.

They move away from him despite his efforts to keep his shawls and cloak clean from the guts and gore that sometimes stick to the fabric.

He doesn't mind so much. It relieves him of the pressure to make small talk. The few times people engage him in conversation, he is taken by surprise and looks at them, wide-eyed, with a twitchy smile and a shrug, and a breathy chuckle. 


Little Minions: Montague

on April 24, 2012 - 3:30pm

I'm not sure how well Monty falls under the category of Little Minions considering he's 12" tall.

And with his boisterous personality, there really is nothing small about him. 

Montague, Master of the Lesser Demons, charmer of Sirens, and hero of hellions. 

No one can conjure a fireball faster, a curse coarser, or a nightmare...nightmarier. 

Despite being a creature of evil and all things unpleasant, Monty is oddly likeable.

Sure, he's bound to torture you without pity but yet you find yourself unable to deny part of you hope it ends in friendship.

Even as you pray the searing pain he's inflicting - so unimaginable it could only exist in a godless world - will end, you're also wondering if he'd come to the barbeque you're planning for next weekend. 

And really, isn't that the Devil's true trick? He does terrible things and will ruin your life, but man he's fun to be around. 



Little Minions: Whizzle

on April 20, 2012 - 3:18pm

Whizzle ain't so bright. But like his Ma always told him, it ain't smarts but hearts that get you through life. 

"My sweet Whizzy" she'd say, "don't you know peoples want to have a pint wit them who's makin'em happy, and not them who's showin' off all the time? Don't you worry, my luv. You show'em your winnin' smile and you'll see what I's talkin' about."

When people first meet Whizzle, and learn his neighbourhood nickname is W(h)iz Kid, they're confused, or think it's a way to make fun him. "Nah" say the locals, "Whiz kid's a wiz at figuring out how to make anybody, anywhere, feel better. He's a sorta...empathic genius". 



Too Early For Trick or Treat?

on March 27, 2012 - 12:18pm

The first completed sculpture of 2012 helps to set the mood for that far away holiday we wait for all year.

He stands at 11 inches. This year I'm going to make some of my Little Minions not so little. There will still be smaller figures but I thought it was time the Plague Doctors had some competition when it came to size.

It's been a lot of fun making various creatures in a larger scale, and I'm excited to experiment more.

I do wish I was a better seamstress. While I did sew his trick or treat bag, I'd like to get more inventive with their outfits. Sewing skill would help a lot, though I know I can find ways around my lack of talent with a thread and needle. I just need to be more creative. 

Hopefully you folks are finding some time this spring to bring a little Halloween into your hearts.