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Ghoul Friday

My 3 Year Website Anniversary

on September 13, 2010 - 9:00am

I missed my anniversary last week. My website anniversary. I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has visited this site, and those who continue to visit this site, and even the new people who are finding me for the first time.

Without you, I would be all alone in my love for Halloween and dark art.

I've decided, in my reflective mood, to do a number of posts about what's happened in the last few years with a focus on how things have evolved online since I first started, and then talk more about the human element.

I will warn you before you read on, these posts might be a total, self-absorbed exercise in pure drivel no one else cares about. But hey, it's my anniversary. You've been warned.

I just wanted to make sure I made a proper thank you before I got wrapped up in my own musings.

Approval of a Stamp

on August 24, 2010 - 9:51am

I am over the moon about a recent purchase. I commissioned Emily of Skull and Crossbuns to make me a Ghoul Friday stamp. And here it is!

Emily hand carves each and every stamp she sells (at an extremely reasonable price). It's a thing of beauty. She has loads of stamps for sale that I covet (including some lovely pumpkins, skulls and owls). If you like stamps with original designs, or need a custom one made, Emily is your gal.

I spent yesterday evening stamping over 50 bags with my logo and they look as though I had them professionally printed. I am so pleased I'm beside myself with giddiness.

Sometimes It All Goes Pear Shaped

on August 2, 2010 - 9:33am

I've been hiding from the universe since Saturday, afraid that if I walk outside a piano or anvil may fall on me.

Saturday morning started full of promise. Perhaps that's an exaggeration. It started with a good cup of coffee. And that's where the good times ended.

Went to get change at the TD bank I always use before a show, and was told they wouldn't make change for me since I didn't have an account. Not good enough that you do my mutual funds and RRSPs eh? Right. Sorry. Thought you were a bank.

Packed up the car and headed to the Parkdale Bazaar with Yetch. We pulled onto the narrow one way street and started unloading all my goodies.

I watched Yetch get into my car (he was going to move it to the parking lot nearby), and turned my attention instead to putting together the patio umbrella that would protect me and my little monsters from the July sun.

Ghoul Friday Invades The Wine Rack

on October 15, 2009 - 9:57am

Skeleton checks out Wine of the Week
I was recently given a generous offer by someone: decorate a store for Halloween (using my private collection of decorations) and they will sell my items for two weeks.

I've never decorated a store, so I had to come up with some logical guidelines pretty quick for myself:

  • Keep everything up and out of the way
  • Don't detract from the products or block them
  • Items must be fairly small (shelves were 1 foot deep)
  • Set up and take down must be easy (and not messy especially since it's during store hours)
  • Choose items that match the style of the store and are LESS likely to offend

That last point was even more important when I found out they were going to be inspected by a bigwig in the company in the next week. While the employees were excited for some bloody severed heads and cocoon victims, I didn't think the manager of the store (or the big suits coming to inspect the store) would be so keen.