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Dark Dwellers: Hoggart & Reptare

on July 10, 2012 - 10:16am

I've been so busy getting ready for shows that I've forgotten to post any of my finished creations. Now that Scarefest is finished I can concentrate on preparing for FanExpo/Festival of Fear in August. 

I was able to complete my creature bio journal beforehand which was no easy task. I purchased a gorgeous journal with a raised silver design on the cover. In it, I placed more than 40 photos and hand wrote an equal amount of short bios, one for each of my Minions and Dark Dwellers. I wanted to create a sort of portfolio that felt more like something you might stumble across in an attic.

The fact that it took hours upon hours to complete, and it turned out so well, and it's a rather expensive journal to begin with, I'm actually a bit concerned someone might walk off with it at the bigger shows/conventions when the place is packed. I'm going to have to devise a tie down of some sort just for piece of mind. 

In this book you'll find some of my new figures, including these two.


First is Hoggart, a greed demon who takes whatever a person covets most. 

He may even influence outcomes to ensure what we crave is finally within our hands only to have the satisfaction of taking it from us, and devouring it.

Dark Dwellers: Beezle

on May 31, 2012 - 11:31am

You don't have to worry about running into Beezle in a dark alley or old forest.

He rarely resides in our realms.

He is more likely to influence our choices with a whisper, inflame frustration or cloud our rational thoughts, all from behind an invisible curtain.

 A splash of selfishness. 

A dash of doubt.

An inflated sense of entitlement. 

A pinch of paranoia surrounding loved ones or friends.

A batch of bad judgment. 

These are the contributions he adds to the ingredients of our everyday lives.

It's easy work. Mankind only needs a nudge. And sometimes, not even that.

More images below.

This figure is just shy of 6 inches tall. 

Dark Dwellers: The Talpa

on May 1, 2012 - 9:49am


Caves, underpasses and abandoned buildings: these are the places you will find the Talpa. 
Damp. Dark. Uninviting. 
They prefer to be left alone, and usually will not trouble themselves with humans. 
Unless they are discovered by a scanning flashlight. 
More images below.
This figure is approximately 9" tall.

Dark Dwellers: The Nevi

on April 30, 2012 - 2:37pm

I've spent the last few days trying to catch up on posting images to the site. Who knew I was so far behind on this task? I finished last year's minions and created a new photo album for minions made this year

I also included an album for some of the Christmas & Halloween figures I've brought to shows over the years. 

All of these, of course, can be found in the Art Ghoullery, including the newly invented collection of Dark Dwellers

Speaking of which...

The ghoulish Nevi lives on flesh from beetles to rats to humans.

It prefers the meat moldy and rotten, often killing its prey, hiding the carcass, and allowing it to age.

It's not opposed to consuming roadkill but derives more pleasure and satisfaction from capturing its own prey.

Take a closer look at his gruesomeness in the images below.

This figure is just over 9.5" tall.

The Soulless Nether

on April 18, 2012 - 6:53am

The Soulless Nether sculpture by Ghoul Friday

The Soulless Nether is the newest creature in the Dark Dwellers collection.

A vacuous creature, with no understanding of love or mercy, it is one of the few figures who will step from the shadows to nab its prey.

Slow moving but relentless.

Sightless but always aware. And accurate when it strikes.

It feeds on blood, flesh and bone, but only a few bites. Rarely will it consume an entire being, being drawn more by their life force than anything else. Once that starts to fade, the Nether loses interest and simply casts away its meal.

The younger the being, the more enticing. It is likely to steal toddlers from sandboxes, or birthday girls from backyard parties while Mom is getting more punch. 

No charms or potions can protect you. This Dweller of the Dark stalks us and strikes at random. Enjoy the time you have, and pray for old age. 

The figure is 9 1/2" tall.

New Figures on a Friday the 13th

on April 13, 2012 - 10:27am

Happy Friday the 13th, my fellow ghoulies. And what better day to introduce to you a new line of sculpted figures I'll be exploring this year.

It isn't official, but I think I will be calling them the Dwellers of the Dark. Or Dark Dwellers. Which one do you like better? Let me know.

They are a bit more...monsterish...than my usual cute creepers. Totally out of my element, and oh what fun that is!

No teeth or premade eyes. All sculpt. And more...sinister undertones. 

They won't all look like these, but my intention is to give them a haunting or animalistic look. 

It's a style I've always wanted to explore. I hope you like them. 

With time, I should get a bit more skilled at the drawing out of the jaws and muscles. Practice, practice, practice. 

For now, the first three are completed. They are similar though one of them is 14 1/2 inches high (as you can see in the photo below, he towers over the other two). He was the first, and as is the tradition, that means he stays with me.