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Monkey Boo Likes Halloween Too

on October 7, 2012 - 10:55am

When they invented Halloween products for dogs, they had people like me in mind. They saw me a mile away.

My budget for this year's Halloween decor is tight. I mean stranglehold-tight. And with the exception of a couple purchases for this year's theme, I put myself on a Halloween diet: no spending besides what is on the list. 


Headless Figures & Monkey Pictures

on March 12, 2012 - 11:42am

Having a puppy with the giardia parasite has convinced me that man will be wiped out by parasites, who are secretly the ultimate evil. The last week has been like zombie outbreak training. Everything must be sanitized in order to prevent spread of infection. Even if the antibiotics kill off the parasite in her system, she is at risk for reinfection (and infecting us) each time she goes outside in the backyard where she's gone to the bathroom. The only thing that kills these buggers is bleach. The protocol is a protective sheet at the back door. Shoes stay here. She's picked up off the ground and we clean her paws with baby wipes before being allowed back into the kitchen. Bedding is covered in towels which are washed daily (along with toys, bowls, and anything else she comes into contact with). Hands are washed so often, both Yetch and I have scaly hands (I had a rash for a while). When she goes to the bathroom, we pick it up immediately and pour a bleach mixture on the spot. 

Needless to say, it's exhausting and time-consuming. 

I've been able to find time to start some bodies for new creations and hope to get at more creating now that I have a system down. I'm hoping to make some more today.

I'm also waiting to hear from the vet regarding Monkey Boo's latest stool test. We're hoping for good news of no traces of the parasite. Of course, it doesn't guarantee she's clear...and I need to treat parts of the backyard with lime sulphur (which apparently changes the pH levels of the ground enough to become an inhospitable place for any parasite cysts in the soil). But that's tomorrow's plan.

Team Puppy Presents: Puppy

on February 29, 2012 - 11:02am

Here she is folks. The newest addition to our family. We still haven't decided on her new name officially, but have caught ourselves calling her Monkey Boo. Early in the name brainstorming process I'd liked Monkey for a name but Yetch wasn't sold on it. Then Boo made the top of the list. Last night we learned that while she answers to Honey, her foster family also nicknamed her "Monkey Pants" as a term of endearment.

So while we haven't made a conscious effort to name this dog an obscure moniker, I have the feeling Monkey Boo is going to stick whether we want it to or not. We'll see. 

I'm off to lay down while she's still napping.


Halloween + Puppy = Halloween Puppy Toys

on February 28, 2012 - 2:50pm

A package of puppy supplies just arrived. Before you say "Oh Ghoul, enough with the puppy talk", take a look at what I got.

Did you know they sell Halloween themed dog toys? I didn't. And I realize that getting a puppy has given me excuses to buy more Halloween stuff. 

It started inexpensively with this $3 double-sided Happy Howloween rope flyer, and a cackling skull and crossbones for $8 from

Add this to the fact that hats might actually be a safety feature for my soft-skulled little girl...I mean...I would be a bad owner if I didn't get her some costumes that incorporate hats. Like this. Or this. Or maybe this. Or this.

Hee hee hee.

The Story of Honey the Boston Terrier

on February 27, 2012 - 12:34pm

After a number of phone calls (and gracious apologies for a breakdown in communication), we learned more about Honey the Boston Terrier last night. Here's her story.

Waiting For the Puppy Stork

on February 25, 2012 - 7:14am

I have not created a thing since I last posted. Instead, I've been on a different mission.

A puppy mission. Researching breeds, breeders, and rescue groups. Eventually I focused my search on finding a female Boston Terrier puppy.

I was beginning to lose hope that I could get one. Well, I could get one easily but not from reputable sources. Even a number of - what appeared to be - legitimate breeders were a bit...sketchy. I didn't want to give money to people who were exploiting dogs for profit.

I told the universe (through anyone who would listen) that I was ready to find my puppy.

Three days later I spotted a photo (right) of a googly-eyed Boston Terrier up for adoption through Loyal Rescue. I knew there would be many people applying for this darling little puppy saved from a Missouri Breeding Kennel because in the two months I'd been scouring online, I'd never seen a puppy Boston Terrier for adoption in my province. 

The adoption process is very thorough (a real nail-biting, nerve racking experience for someone eager to be paired with the dog they've already started to get attached to). First, you fill out a long, detail-heavy application. If your application is approved, someone phones you for a 30-60 minute interview (I was sweating through my shirt by the end of my interview. Not only were there unexpected questions, but I'd already started to imagine her as my puppy and the pressure was on not to spoil my chance).

If you do well, they phone your references.

Assuming those pass the muster, they schedule a home visit with a different volunteer interviewer. We had ours last Saturday night. By then, interest in "Honey" the puppy was so high they'd stopped accepting applications for her.