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Ghoul Friday's Halloween Cabinet

on December 5, 2010 - 4:04pm

For years I've wanted a glass cabinet that would protect my art and display my personal collection of items. Thanks to an early Christmas present from ma mere (thanks mom!), all my goodies have a home.

It even has white and orange stripes on the backboard.

With a little creative cutting, I was able to make a hidden opening to run wires through so I could have two of my lamps and a string of lights inside.

The funny thing about it (wasn't funny until about an hour ago when I solved the problem) was one of the main items I wanted protected - the carnivorous plant - didn't fit. I kept trying to be ok with the idea, but finally decided enough was enough, and I pulled out the trusty hacksaw. I always thought the thing was too tall (hey, it was my first plant), and if I end up ruining it, well, that would solve my problem too and I wouldn't have to worry about the darn thing anymore (it hasn't looked right ANYWHERE I put it).

Did you know using a hacksaw on an item you're mad at is therapeutic?

With a little touch up, it all worked out.

Now let me take you on a tour of my cabinet.