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dark dwellers

The Cozener (A Dark Dweller)

on May 3, 2013 - 11:39am

Cozenera dishonest person who uses clever means to cheat others out of something of value.

In this case, the valuable item is the offspring of other creatures. He fools them using various means, depending on the situation and how he's feeling that day.  

He promises to protect the young from an imaginary foe while parents go to fight or find shelter, and uses the opportunity to slink away with their precious ones.

He seeks out desperate souls and offers them whatever they need if they can best him in a seemingly easy challenge that appears to favor their victory.

Sometimes he simply waits for the guardians to be distracted, then scoops up his treasure and escapes.

What does he do with them? 

Well, the unborn are the easiest to raise as his own, or just as easily make for a morning meal. Perhaps an alchemist is in need of a rare ingredient. Money, manual labour, or nourishment, it makes little difference to the Cozener. 

This figure is approximately 5 inches tall.

Kromwell The Confessor (A Dark Dweller)

on May 3, 2013 - 10:25am

Kromwell is a silent witness, sent ahead of his Master to decide the fate of sinners and non-believers (definitions of these two terms are based on guidelines from a very different 'holy book' than one we are familiar with).

He is silent judgment.

He is unbiased and unswayable, listening to our conversations. Our thoughts. Scanning for key words and intentions.  

He is blind to everything but the clear purpose given to him by his Master: find the unworthy. Catalog their guilt. Report back.

In this court of one, there are no defending arguments or plea bargains.

You don't even know you're on the stand. 

But when the Master arrives, there is no mistaking that the wrath of judgment is upon you.

This figure is 9 inches tall.

The Soul Eater

on August 22, 2012 - 5:17pm


They've gone by many names in many stories around the world.

Soul Eaters.

Call them what you like, but Soul Eaters are all the same.  

Preying on the feeble, the depressed, or the anxious and insecure. Slowly chewing away at their essence.

Not killing them, but not really leaving them alive either.

Hollow bodies, emptied of their passions, interests and motivations.

Living corpses. 

Sometimes death is better.


This figure is approximately 7.5 inches tall. 

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