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A Surprise for GF

on October 14, 2010 - 12:13pm

The best thing to come out of my trip to Vegas was a surprise from Yetch. We'd spent the day apart and when we met up at the hotel again, Yetch was uncharacteristically excited, saying only "I have a surprise for you".

I was very curious. You see, Yetch is almost always running at an even keel. There are few things that cause his calm demeanour to blip from its steady, laid-back consistency. If he's almost giddy, it's got to be good.

And it was.

I'd ranted in the past about how it was next to impossible to get a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka where I live. Some of you were even kind enough to offer to send me an empty bottle, and I thank you for that. It seems now I won't have to trouble you after all.

When I took it out of the box, I wasn't disappointed. It's just as cool as I thought it would be.

A big thank you to my darling Yetch.

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