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Sullivan and Screecher

on August 31, 2012 - 10:42am

I made this figure in July sometime. He popped up in the middle of my monster madness, an anomaly with no name and no story.

I'm not even sure if he's finished (a hat? more baubles?), but here he is for now.

I've had the owl sculpted for more than a year, waiting for a proper owner. It's actually the owl I fell in love with originally (and why this piece is staying in my personal collection).

Even now, I struggle to know his story. Which is strange.

Sullivan tends to the smaller animals in the forest.

Each day, with the help of Screecher, he scouts the woods for injured beasts in need of help. He tends their wounds, feeds the starving, frees the captured, and returns wandering babes to the safety of their nest, crook, or cave. 

This figure is approximately 10 inches tall.

More images below.

It's interesting being presented with a creation that has absolutely no ties to Halloween or previous styles. And I use the word "presented" because the majority of sculptures reveal themselves as I work rather than being born from an idea or vision. 

I've also noticed a pattern of pieces who I imagine come from the same world or town apart from the other figures. A grander story waiting to be told. When it's more clear, I'll let you know the tale they are trying to tell me. 


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