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Spookshows T-shirts & Vintage Toys

on July 24, 2008 - 7:38pm

box cover with Uncle Fester on it
If you're in the mood for vintage Halloween, there's some fun items on display over at The first terrifying toy that caught my eye was Uncle Fester's Mystery Light Bulb ( 1967). The bulb actually lights up in your hand (or your mouth in classic Fester fashion) when the metal lamp base comes into contact with a special ring included in the box (or aluminum foil). Adding an element of danger to this toy is the fact that the bulb base was not reverse threaded which apparently is good if you want to start a fire or give yourself a nice little jolt.

spooky boardgame with a picture of a parlour ready for seance
Seance (1972) tapped into graverobber-greediness where players compete for an inheritance.

Uncle Everett speaks to the players from the other side (there are actual messages that would play from the seance table itself) and with his help, their goal is to get Everett's earthly possessions left behind.

From the images on the site, I think it's fair to say that even if you didn't care for the game, the pieces and props alone were entertainment enough.

Board game cover with scared children and a green ghost
Green Ghost (1965; re-released in the 1990's) is more about luck than skill. Green Ghost is looking for his son, Kelly. Green Ghost's pets (cat, bat, rat, and vulture) are sent out to round up 12 little ghosts causing havoc across Spookyville. At the end of the game, Green Ghost spins around and points to the player who has his son.

When you get tired of looking at the vintage toys, do some shopping and pick up a t-shirt and mug with some pretty cool Vintage Halloween images on them in Spookyshows' online zazzle store.

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