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Sometimes It All Goes Pear Shaped

on August 2, 2010 - 9:33am

I've been hiding from the universe since Saturday, afraid that if I walk outside a piano or anvil may fall on me.

Saturday morning started full of promise. Perhaps that's an exaggeration. It started with a good cup of coffee. And that's where the good times ended.

Went to get change at the TD bank I always use before a show, and was told they wouldn't make change for me since I didn't have an account. Not good enough that you do my mutual funds and RRSPs eh? Right. Sorry. Thought you were a bank.

Packed up the car and headed to the Parkdale Bazaar with Yetch. We pulled onto the narrow one way street and started unloading all my goodies.

I watched Yetch get into my car (he was going to move it to the parking lot nearby), and turned my attention instead to putting together the patio umbrella that would protect me and my little monsters from the July sun.

A moment later, I see Yetch's feet by the umbrella base.

"Um. I think your car is broken."

It would start, sure, but the cable that connects the gear shift to the transmission had snapped. You could slide back and forth through all gears as smooth as you like. Lovely.

Apologized to the organizers (who were waiting to close the street) and called the tow truck. Of course, it's the long weekend and anywhere I take the car won't be able to do anything to it until Tuesday, but whatever. I need to focus on the show.

I decide to finish putting together the umbrella. And the bolt on the pole snapped right off in the base. Brilliant. Put the broken umbrella in the broken car.

Tow truck folk come and take my car (with Yetch) away.

As you know, things come in threes. It wasn't long before a sudden gust of wind rolled in and knocked one of my framed signs tumbling off the table. Smash.

That basically sums up my day. There were some lovely vendors at the show that I chatted with, and the rain held off until after I got home, so there's a small blessing.

Maybe it's a wave of bad karma. Maybe it's the Underbiters having one last go at me because I've retired them. All I know is that I'm hiding out until at least tomorrow.

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