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Skulls, Bacon, and USB Keys

on January 18, 2009 - 8:57am

skull rings
There's a blog I've been meaning to talk to you about called Skulls and Bacon. The author is a big fan of - as you may have guessed - skulls and bacon (and muppets, but I suppose 'Skulls, Bacon and Muppets' is just too wordy a title for a blog). You can find some interesting blog posts covering items like a Skull Sensory Deprivation Chamber or the Skull Ring USB Keys pictured here.

The skulls offer 2GB of portable memory for ghoulish geekory. While the price tag is high ($204.60 on, the idea is great. Perhaps someone will come along with a more reasonably priced version.

If you're not scared off by the price, you'll find an assortment of colours - from pink to pewter - to suit your personal taste.

skull rings

No mention of sizing but if the furry hand model on the geekstuff website is any indication, it will best fit meaty mitts rather than dainty digits.

When you've tired of all things cranial, check out Skulls and Bacon's collection of bacon bits (HA!), from recipes to, dare I say it, gift ideas.

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