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Review: Reading, Writing, Wearing Halloween

on October 28, 2010 - 8:42am

This has been a hectic time for me, and of course it was the year where I had the most requests to do reviews for people. Sadly, I knew I wouldn't have time to give everyone the spotlight they deserved, so I had to say no to a number of requests. I did, however, make two exceptions.

The first is a novel by John Rose from his MONSTERGRRLS series. Here's a bit about the author:

John Rose is the author, publisher and creator of THE MONSTERGRRLS series, whose first book, Out From The Shadows, is available at His inspiration comes from a lifelong love of classic horror and Halloween, as well as teaching art to middle school, which makes him duly qualified to understand monsters. His second book in the series, FULL MOON FEVER, is due soon.

The basic premise is two young girls, Emily and Theo, who don't really fit in at their school, become fast friends with the new girls in town who happen to be monsters - a werewolf, a witch, a vampire, and a Frankenstein monster.

It's been a long time since I've read what I would consider to be youth fiction, and because of that I'm unsure how to give an accurate review of the work. I will say there were many times where I caught myself thinking how perfect this would be for a cartoon special or even animated mini-series. A group of young girls, struggling through school, and balancing the need to fit in with the desire to be who they are. It touches on a theme many can relate to.

Rose is also on Facebook, where you can see the community he's creating around his characters.

While this book is great for Halloween, I think it certainly could be read any time of the year. In that spirit, I've decided I'm going to give it away, but not yet. I'll wait and put it into a post-Halloween care package when we need a little ghoulish spirit.

Also in the giveaway package will be a t-shirt from Write On Riot who makes party and gift items that let you "fill in the blank" with your own unique humour. They are a new company based out of Minneapolis so look for new products to be added soon. Follow them on Facebook to watch for updates or offer suggestions of shirts you'd like to see.

Right now, you can get the shirt featured above, or choose between Halloween isn't scary. _____ is scary or Will _____ for Candy.

I did appreciate the fact that it comes with a practice tag you can hold up to the t-shirt and assess your choice of wording and writing style.

Look for these items in a giveaway sometime next month or perhaps just in time for Christmas.

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