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Retiring the Underbiters

on July 24, 2010 - 10:06am

Unfinished Underbiter
The Underbiters were my first official collection, and because of that they have a special place in my heart. The original group (and a couple of commissions never posted to the site) have all been adopted and moved on to their new homes.

The other day, I was looking at Curious Pete (I adopted Pete), and thinking about the Underbiters who hadn't been born. There were five little critters I never made that were still skittering about in my mind. I decided I would sit and sculpt.

When I finished the five, and tried to make a sixth (pictured right), I hit a wall. Sure, I was molding and sculpting. And yes, I even baked the sixth one. But when I went to paint him, I hit that wall again. Stop. Do not pass go.

In that moment, I realized it was time to retire the series. All I needed was to make those last five I had in mind, and it was finished.

It's a funny thing to realize when something has run its course. I can't even explain the mixed emotions I have about it. But I am certain retiring the series is the right thing to do.

I'll still make little monsters. And there's a good chance they won't have arms. But they won't be Underbiters.

So, starting next week, I am going to put the last five up for sale. They will be $20 a piece. The first person who buys one will also get the notorious unfinished sixth figure. You can paint him yourself and make your own story. He's a complete blank slate.

I think it's fitting that I offer the last ones up online before I take them to a show, since many of you never had a chance to get one.

I need to put a few finishing touches on the last 5. If I get it done, I'll start posting pictures and their stories tomorrow.

Thank you for loving the Underbiters.

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