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Resurrection vs Reanimation

on March 26, 2009 - 12:09pm

Jesus Zombie by
I love zombies. I love zombie walks. I love being tongue-in-cheek when it comes to Jesus (I expect he has a wonderful sense of humour). With that in mind, you might think I would automatically support the Boston Zombie Outbreak scheduled to take place on Easter. But let's talk about this.

A little birdie by the name of zombiehorde tweeted today about the Boston event and I thought I'd check out what the hubbub was all about.

According to a couple of sources online, 2 years ago the zombie lovers had their march on a Saturday. Crowds of people dressed in zombie gear took to the streets in all their reanimated glory, converging at a main square in the evening hours. On that occasion, organizer Alli Auldridge pointed out there was no meaning behind the zombie walk except to have fun.

So what's changed?

It seems they decided 'with the mythology of the holiday in mind' to have this year's march on Easter Sunday between 12 pm and 4 pm. I would think a time slot like that increases their chance to cross paths with church goers and little Easter egg hunters. Was this intentional as well?

Glenn Liddell who is an organizer behind this year's event had this to say in a statement to a local news source:

We remain aware that some may find it offencive that their group's holy day mythology overlaps with horror aficionado's 'Zombie' archetype, and that we are using a pop-cultural reference that ties in with their religious beliefs. However, we are not attempting to offend any religious groups, and there are no anti-Christian sentiments involved in the event. We whole-heartedly support freedom of religion and speech across the board, and seek only to co-exist and have a good time.

Hm. I'm all for having some fun, rocking the boat, and the promotion of taking life less seriously (especially when it comes to religion) but something That choices were made to make statements instead of just having fun.

Drinking for Jesus logo
For example, I meet up with people each year to celebrate "Drinking for Jesus" as my Easter ritual. I've even made a little logo for the event. There's about 20 or 30 of us that meet in a pub with various types of Jesus paraphernalia (buttons and Jesus action figures being the most popular). It's a playful (somewhat drunken), silly afternoon for those of us - many of whom are Catholic - who don't go to church or our relatives' house for Easter dinner.

I think people (saucy heathens like me) should be allowed to attend events like Drinking for Jesus. I think people should be allowed to dress as zombies whenever they want. I just think the organizers of this year's Boston Outbreak zombie walk have used poor judgement in the grander scheme of things. They've managed to get loads of publicity out of the deal, but in my opinion, they've also managed to take the fun out of it as well.

If I lived in Boston, I'd actually skip the zombie walk this year. Even if I didn't think the whole thing was a completely unnecessary scheduling decision to make a statement, I'd be busy Drinking for Jesus anyway.

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