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Radio Makeover

on October 15, 2011 - 9:00am

Before I did my Rip Van Winkle routine and dropped into slumber for days as my body wrestled with a virus, I had time (and energy) to work on another piece from This time it was a radio.

I liked the old fashioned shape of it, and the idea that a skull presses out against the black screen of the speaker. 

While not for me, some people might like the feature that when you turn it on, lights flash red and blue. The skull moves forward, pressing against the screen, and then there is a recording of a voice speaking spooky sayings.

For my display, I turned the radio off just when the skull was sticking out the furthest, freezing him in place. 

The drawback to the radio is it comes in a light milk chocolate colour, almost like toffee (see images below).

The colour draws attention to the fact it's made of plastic, and since there is no contrasting colour on the main body of the piece, you can't see all the great grain detailing on the face of the radio. 

The brass look of the buttons are fine, and the colour of the mesh at the top half of the radio is perfect.

I grabbed black, white and brown acrylics, and a can of black spray paint.


The process was super simple.

I took black acrylic paint and filled in alllllllll the crevices on the front of the radio (far left picture). 

Then I took the radio outside, and using a piece of paper to protect the front of the radio, I spray painted the sides and back black. Spray paint goes on smooth and fast. You could paint it with acrylics but it would be hard to get such a clean finish.



When it was dry (and aired out a bit: spray paint leaves some serious fumes on pieces so don't be too quick to bring it in the house even if it's dry), I took a bit of dark brown paint and dry brushed the outside columns on the face of the radio (all the way around), careful not to get any of the brown in the actual crevices.

Once that was dry, I took white paint and dry brushed once more, this time focusing on the center of the radio face.

The idea was to hit all those edges and bring out the details originally lost in the monotone tan version.

This picture is taken in sunlight, so you really see the white paint. In normal and lower lighting, it's more of a hint and an accent. It looks aged and a little scruffy. 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Since I'd recovered a bit from this ridiculous cold and was able to stay awake long enough to leave the house yesterday, I went straight to Home Depot to pick up the items needed to start work on the larger, more intricate props. 

Of course, I was too exhasted to actually start the work when I got home yesterday. I'm hoping - if the weather holds up - to start that project tomorrow or Monday. 

Have a good weekend, folks.

And take your vitamin C. 


Ali's picture

For someone who's at death's door, your very productive. Looks great.

Ghoul Friday's picture

I'm glad I finished this right after I did the work on the mirror (and before I started marathon sleeping). I'm so far behind it makes me head swim. Or maybe that's the virus too.



Scary Mrary's picture

An other great makeover:) Like you say, the original color doesn't do anything for it! Painting it really brought life to all the details, it definitely gave it a spookier look! Hope you get to feel better soon, no fun being sick, especially not now with Halloween coming up:/

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