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Pumpkin Carnage

on November 13, 2012 - 8:37am

I thought I was being kind, putting my pumpkin out back to live the last of his days naturally.

Instead, I've subjected him to squirrel torture. I can almost hear him screaming at night "They're eating my face!".

He doesn't look too happy about it either.

I hope he isn't planning revenge.

But I sort of know how he feels. November has been somewhat unpleasant so far. Halloween is over. Everyone is exhausted. 

Then a week ago Sunday little Miss Monkey Boo decided to do a backward summersault with a twist off the couch, landing hard with her hind leg beneath her, knocking her left knee cap loose. She already has a slippery kneecap in the right hind leg. We've been on total rest duty since Sunday November 4th.

Even at her most painful state, keeping that Boston Terrier from hopping or jumping was tough. She'd realize as soon as she took a big step to run that she couldn't, and you'd see her freeze in a jolt of pain.

A lot of people would crate the pup. Being the mad woman that I am, and with a schedule that permits me to do so, I decided to turn my office into Pup Central. Pulled out the low sofa bed (which takes up my entire office), gathered all favourite toys and bones, brought her water and food dishes in, and hunkered down with her.

Play consisted of rolling her onto her side across my torso and flailing toys at her. She likes it (snuggles AND play?), but I hope she doesn't get it into her head that this is the new way of life in the house.

She can now walk around to the dining area and kitchen (we have carpets all over the kitchen to stop her from falling on the slippery tile which she's done twice), and she's just starting to put a teeny bit of weight on the leg. The more freedom she gets, the more I get.

We're both stir crazy and sick of my office.

Hoping to get back to normal (or close to normal) by Sunday as the vet suggested. 

In the meantime, that's what I've been doing and will continue to do for the next week. Then maybe I can go back to, oh I don't know, sculpting and sitting in my living room. 



Alison's picture

Glad to hear the furbaby is on the mend. Re the pumpkin massacre - all I can say is there's three out there somewhere that have got it in for me.


CrankyAmy's picture

I laughed at "They're eating my face!", but you know the squirrels are well fed for the start of winter. . . Glad to hear Monkey Boo is doing better. I know I'd be out of my mind if I was restrained to one room. *shiver*

ShellHawk's picture

Rehabbing high energy dogs sucks, all the way around! I hope both of you will be set free to roam soon!

Nameless Minion's picture

Hope your daughter is OK! She should go into gymnastics.

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