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Prequels, Sequels and Remakes

on September 7, 2007 - 4:42pm

Hello ghastly ghoulies,

I needed a break from typing up activities to post on the site, so I decided to slither through the internet and find something to entertain my grey matter while my bony fingers rested. I found three things worthy of my short attention span.

First, the Prequel:

Apparently, Wes Craven (whom I adore) is tentatively plotting a prequel to "Nightmare On Elm St" in which we learn about Freddy Krueger the man before he's ultimately transformed into crispy bacon. For me, this is promising news.

Second, the Sequel:

Rumours still swirl around John Carpenter's "Freddie vs Jason vs Michael" (old news, I know. Yawn). What I didn't know is that the suits had tossed around the idea of having "Freddie vs Jason vs Ash" which really, I would have been MUCH more interested in than Michael Myers (two out of the three leading men are mutes wearing white masks? Diversity, people). Apparently there was conflict and concern surrounding the future of the Ash character if the director decided to kill him off in the movie.

I will have to be content with the 6 issue comic book for "Freddie vs Jason vs Ash" that is due to be released in November 2007. To read more about it, go to this forum post on

And Finally, the Remake:

I swear, the American movie machine can't come up with original ideas for horror films, so they cash-grab by mean, re-making classics, spinning them the same way they would a blockbuster hit. "The Omen", "Black Christmas", "The House on Haunted Hill", and "The Haunting" have all been redone (and not with any improvement) to my dismay. And now it seems another two cult hits have fallen victim to the invasion of the movie snatchers. My poor, poor "Prom Night" will be 'modern-day-Americanized' (the original was Canadian, you know) in 2008, and "April Fool's Day" (a favourite of mine among campy, a-typical, cheese-bonanza horror flicks) will be redone in 2009. Le sigh.

Casts of predominately young 'it' actors (male and female) are massacring my massacre movies! I'm not saying there aren't SOME young talented actors making appearances in horror movies. And often it's purely the script/director's fault for the failing film. It is as if they are so busy making it a blockbuster, they lose that 'independent/smaller budget film' feel that just makes older horror movies more...gritty. More likable, even at their cheesiest (if it's supposed to be campy, commit to the campiness).

In the old days, if they hit a slump in the young casts, you could see some great veteran actors like George C. Scott in "The Changeling" and Gregory Peck in "The Omen" (is Liev Schreiber really our modern day Gregory Peck? I think Liev Schreiber is decent, but dare to compare performances). I digress.

I'm not sure what is worse: watching the poorly made remakes, or listening to the handfuls of uncultured, adolescent (and some post-pubescent) audience goers who say "The original totally sucked! This one is way better". Hmmm. These are the same knuckleheads who think Sum41 is a real punk band.

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