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Plague Doctors: Golden Gaze

on January 12, 2011 - 10:23am

Trying to stay away from making him sound too much like a Bond villain, I still want to call this figure Golden Gaze. For some reason I imagine he clinks and clanks as he walks slowly through the streets.

Two PD's left for me to paint and post, and then a break.

I've popped a couple of Peek-A-Boo eyeball plants into my Etsy shop along with this fella. (UPDATE: The Plague Doctor has been snatched up. Yup. In less than 2 hrs from the time I posted it. Thanks!)

Snow is covering most of the continent, and Toronto is no exception. Spending my mornings shovelling is not my most favourite way to wake up, but it's not so bad when people passing by smile, say good morning, and thanks for clearing the sidewalk. Even had one person call me a good Samaritan.

Off to the post office today among other errands and work (despite the snowy weather), so I'm not sure when I'll get to completing the next figure. If only the rest of the world would leave us to our art and deal with the mundane of the everyday without us.

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