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Plague Doctor: Muddied Figure

on July 3, 2010 - 9:31am

Plague Doctor by Ghoul Friday
The third figure in this second set of four also bends the traditional view of a Plague Doctor.

Bolts, organic in appearance (almost like growths or barnacles) line the seams of his stitched leather hood.

His goggles are prominent, the glass thick and dark almost like that of a welder. There is no hint of eyes behind them, but you cannot mistake the sense you're being watched.

The muddied appearance travels from hood to scarf, and you can't quite tell if his clothing is soiled or if that's how they look naturally.

There is one more figure left in this set of four, and he is more in line with others you've seen me make. I certainly had some fun with these last two, pushing the boundaries on what defines a Plague Doctor; trying to make them very different yet still retain enough hints in the features that you connect it to the classic figures.

Plague Doctor by Ghoul Friday

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